May 15, 2013

So Long, Marianne

Hat- Gift from Bri
Cardigan- Thrifted
Dress- Old Navy
Belt- Target
Bag- H&M
Shoes- Target
Sunnies: Some Dollar Store in Corvallis, OR

I found this dress at Old Navy last week. It was on clearance, in my size, and really pretty. I was pretty convinced that it would look terrible on me, but after trying it on, I really liked it! It's much shorter than I usually go for, but I actually really liked the length after a while. I threw a pair of shorts on under to be safe (especially since I tend to always go on climbing-over-things adventures when I happen to wear short skirts...). In the end I felt like this came out a little late 60's/early 70's, which as longtime readers will know I have a huge soft spot for. Polished, yet a little bit Woodstock-y. I'm okay with that.

If you're wondering about the location, I have a post on that going up Friday! (at least it should be up Friday. I have a gig! (it pays! and not just in food! real money!) Thursday night, and have no idea what time I will be home that night!) It's a really eat, somewhat hidden California treasure, and oh how I wanted to live there so badly!! But more on that later, I am super excited to share it with you!


  1. so, so cute darling!!


  2. LERVE this dress on you, lady! My immediate thought was how flattering it is and so cute on you!