May 10, 2013

Wedding Bells and Weekend Tales

L-R: Me, Emily, Bri, Callie, Chelsea, Elizabeth, Delaney, Eric, Fraser, Grace. Just missing the two youngest Hannah and Hunter!

In March we headed out to Arizona for my Cousin's wedding. It was a lovely affair and even though I hate weddings (I'll save all my reasons for a post much longer and further down the road), I bawled like a baby. There were some incredibly sweet and beautiful moments, including my 90-something year old great-grandmother being "danced" in her wheel chair. Her smile was just the best thing ever.

At some point we can-caned. I know not why.

I don't even know.

The wedding itself was very beautiful and we had an awesome time dancing the night away at the reception. We even saw my Baptist Preacher grandpa danced. What is the world coming to? :-)

Our dancing skillz were obvi the best there.

The cousins with Nana (left) and Great-Grandma (centre)
Have you ever tried to get 12 people to all have their eyes open/smiling at the same time? Good Lord!

Papa's dance moves rivaled Gracie's.

Emily looked beautiful and I lost it when her new husband started bawling as she came down the aisle. It was such a wonderfully sweet moment. Love is really wonderful isn't it? Congrats Emily and Cody! I wish you both all the joy and love and happiness in the world!

So dapper.

For some reason I started sharpening a coffee stirrer with a steak knife...
I think this might have been after my third cranberry vodka. (they were tiny!)

Emily's dad performed the ceremony. I love it when family is so involved in weddings!

The pretty and yummy cake!

The next day we found a breakfast place in Phoenix, while I was grumpy and cranky about the heat (seriously guys, I'm the biggest baby. It was like 75 and I literally pouted the whole morning), and got a phone call from Sarah to tell me she and her Cody are Engaged! Yayyayyayyay! I am so happy for her! Yay Love!

The road was primitive. 

This seemed legit.

Ah yes, the scenery...

And I got excited about taking a picture with a cactus. 

P.S. here is a picture of Sarah's ring. Ain't it a beaut!

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