June 24, 2013


1. I decided to Hike a mountain after work last Monday. 2. It was 4:21 and 90 degrees, I got a sunburn and made it a half mile before I said nope. In total though it ended up being a good 1.25 miles hike... 3. Mt. Rubidoux is right by a field I used to take blog pictures in. The field has now been turned into a park which is just a little sad. 4. Latergram from last weekend that might be my favourite picture ever. 5. WE GOT TWO BABY GOATS! They aren't ours to keep. We're borrowing them as weed eaters for our absolutely out of control back yard. They're names are Eva and Frost, but I call them Lizzie and Darcy. Because I can. I want them to love me, but they hate me and it's so sad. 6. Birthday is 2 months from today. Tattoo plans are underway. 7. The WORST ale I have ever had, but the label was so cute and perfect for our First Day of Summer festivities. 8. Fraser is the coolest 13 year-old-old-man ever. He likes lobsters clearly. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him in this shirt and his swim trunks, which are Hawaiian print. That kid is pretty much the best. 9. A certain red head spent her last day as a 7 year old  with a ribbon in her hair and doing model face. 10. For Gracie's 8th birthday we went to a local water park and swam in the pool, rode water slides, and Aqua Cycles, which were pretty stinking terrible to ride! 11. Gracie in her new swimsuit. This girl learned to swim before she could walk and has never been afraid of water. She was the two year old who was swimming in the deep end feeling sorry for all the kids her age in floaties. When she needs to calm down, she takes a shower because water is her happy place. She's a little insane, but she's also pretty freaking great! 12. I got an epic sunburn even though my mother assured me I had not been sunburned... And I always feel like I look way more Scandinavian than normal with a burned face and no makeup. It's probably those under-eye bags...

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I have a ton of posts all written up, but missing edited photos! The last few weeks have been crazy! I'm hoping to try and bite off a few posts this evening, fingers crossed!
Hope your first week of summer is going well and not terribly hot. We *might* get some rain tomorrow!

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