July 31, 2013

Burda Style Timeless Romance

Have you guys seen Burda Style's newest Plus Size Pattern Collection Timeless Romance?
Normally I hate their plus size patterns. Frump City. But this! This is beautiful! I am seriously over the moon about how pretty this collection is!
And let's take a moment to acknowledge how much of a babe this model is. 
And the dude is pretty good too.

I'm not a huge fan of the Sweater-Bathrobe as outerwear, but It actually would make a super comfy robe for Autumn and Winter. Plus that colour is beautiful. 

This top is actually really nice, and fairly flattering. I like that there is some shaping, but it's still loose and easy to wear. Again they are killing me on this colour pallet. I do kinda wish Thor's hair was less greasy looking...
The dress version of the above top. I personally love this. Again, easy to wear, but flattering, and some fun details.This is something I am most definitely making this Autumn. It's a perfect all occasions dress. Work, play, evening, So easy to style. Gosh I love it!

Dayum, Thor. You are killing me.
A little plain, but I love that this is a non-princess seam blouse for plus sizes. Why are all the blouses for ladies with big boobies made from the one shape that is super unflattering and hard to fit on big boobies? 
I love shoulder darts just cuz they are fun, and the modified Johnny Collar is really cute. I don't like the open cuffs, but these would be easy to turn into French Cuffs, leave off, or simply add a button. Also the length is perfect. 

And it's cute in a print. I may seriously need this pattern.

Okay, I hate the print on these pants. And I can pretty much guarantee there is a reason we never see her from the front with those vagina boxes on the front. (forgive me for that) Who thought this was a good idea?
But! I do think these are a very lovely pant. Very Katherine Hepburn, which is always a good thing in my book. And these would be wonderful for travelling. Just as comfy as sweats, but twice as chic!

Guys, I am dead. This dress... It's the best. End of story. 
I need the whole outfit.
And Thor.
But I'd settle for the dress.

This dress is my least favourite in the whole collection. I get that the wiggle dress is sexy, but this one kind of makes her look pregnant (maybe it's just the angle). I'm not a fan of manderine collars, but this one is okay. The whole ruching/gathers business is just not good. her boobs look so saggy. Just not my cup of tea.

Another one that I'm not totally crazy about. Much to boxy to be really flattering on a bigger gal. I do appreciate the slight military vibe  and the number of pockets. Actually sans the bottom half I really like this. 
I will say that I like the way it looks on her more than I like the way the line drawing looks. I'm not sure I'm quite prepared to make a coat (they freak me out plus we wear them for so few weeks here it seems silly to spend so much time on a garment that will hang in my closet for 11 months a year), but this one is still a nice option. I think if I made it, I'd add a ribbed bottom and make it more Bomber-like. 

Overall I think Burda did an outstanding job on this collection. Of the 8 pieces, I love 6, so I'm gonna say this is a success! 

Which one is your favourite? 

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