July 24, 2013

Rain, Birthdays, Mountains, Pt.2


I drove my mom's car following my parent's in my dad's car on the way down to Santa Ysabel.
We like to joke about how my parents suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, except it's not a joke.
So suddenly my dad makes a sharp turn and I followed suit.
My mom had seen an old cemetery and thought I would like to explore it.
Then we saw an old Adobe building.

Turns out it's a little Catholic Chapel that was built in 1830.




There was a little plaque outside about the history of the Chapel. 
It was a tale of Spaniards v. Natives v. The US Government.
It now boarders the Pala Indian Tribe's land.
The Chapel is dedicated to St. Francis de Assisi and is quiet, charming, and incredibly quaint.



The left side of the building sags and all of the modern electrical wiring is exposed.


The floors are cool and beautiful




We took turns pulling the rope and ringing the bell, which was oddly incredibly amusing.


The drive down there had been a bit cloudy, but not terribly overcast. 
Once we got to the chapel though, the wind picked up, the sky grew dark, and thunder roared in the background.




We initially blamed the sudden change in weather on Chelsea's friend Lauren, who obviously was a demon or something  and brought bad juju to the chapel.
Then we went in search of the Cemetery. 
Turns out it was actually a Cemetery for the Reservation and was private land.
Indian Burial Ground guys.


I went as far as I could and zoomed in as much as I could to get this picture. 
As much as I would have liked to walk through the cemetery, I have too much respect for Private Property Laws.
Plus, like, I can't afford anymore bad luck, or being haunted by the 100 year-old spirit of a Native American.

Sometimes Shiny Object Syndrome actually leads you to a gem.

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