July 23, 2013

Rain, Birthdays, Mountains Pt. 1


Sometimes the stars align in the most perfect, yet unexpected way possible. 

Sometimes Chelsea turns 21 and needs a break from her crazy life.

Sometimes it's July in So. California and we get a freak rainstorm. 

Sometimes Nature does alright.



This building is empty. 
My mother decided we needed to buy it and turn it into a Coffee shop/bookshop/cafe/brewery/music venue.  We have already picked out lighting fixtures and paint colours. 


Santa Ysabel has a lot of cows, the best apple pie ever, an Old Fashioned Meat Department, and a newly restored General Store. The amount of cute is painful. I was so overwhelmed with the beauty and charm of the store! There's a small section of old fashioned notions, teas, candies, games, books, Ginger Beer and Rose Lemonade... I could go on. I actually had to go back to the store before we headed out because I'd forgotten to take any pictures while we were there. Looking back I could have photographed so much more, but this should give you a taste of how perfect this place is.




Local Alpaca yarn, coloured burlap ribbon, rose and pumpkin coloured velvet ribbon, Tailor's Beeswax... The little notions case was one of my favourite parts. 







We taught Grace how to play Checkers and she was so excited that she beat me. I wished it had been cold enough to have the woodstove burning.


We spent too much money on too many things and could have bought even more! 
I can't even tell you how happy this store made me.
It was like Disneyland, but real.

There was an antique shop next door we spent a good deal of time in and found some treasures. 
Across the street was a market a couple restaurants, a magical soap shop, and the Julian Pie Company.  
By the time we headed over to the pie shop, it was pouring rain and we, being fans of the rain, split a few slices (caramel apple, dutch apple, and a blackberry!) over coffee. All of it was delicious! 

If you ever happen to find yourself in Eastern San Diego County, or in the So. California area, this is an absolutely magical day trip. The drive is beautiful and the charm is well worth the gas.
It was a day good for the soul.

Part 2 tomorrow. An 180 year old church on the edge of an Indian Reservation anyone?

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