January 1, 2014


In January I will:

  • Work. And that's okay because I got plans and they need funds.
  • Renew. My passport. Because I have finally found my court ordered birth certificate. It's a long story.
  • Play. In the snow at least once, but as many times as possible.
  • Hike. I want to spend my weekends as far away from the office as I can.
  • Make. I need to just make all those good ideas in my head a reality.
  • Read. I started about 30 books last year. This year, I finish them.
  • Write. Daily in my monthly moleskin. And I will finally tackle having cool/readable handwriting.
  • Collect. Something from every adventure, something good from everyday whether tangible or not.
  • Photograph. With a real camera. And maybe really learn how to use it...
  • Blog. To share all of the above and more. 
What will you be doing this January?

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