December 23, 2013


I'm really into snow. It's still a novel thing in my life, and I really don't think I'll ever get tired of being surrounded by it. 

Winter is my absolute favourite. I know so many people who just cannot understand that.
Lately I've been doing some readings on the Scandinavian concept of Winter. 
Most Western cultures think of this as a time of death, decay, a time to hide, and time to fear.
But to the Scandinavians it is a time of rest. The earth doesn't stop working, but it rests beneath a blanket, being nourished so that when Spring comes along, it can rise up once again and spent a season blossoming. It spends Summer working, and in the Autumn it harvests, and then Winter comes along again to give the earth a rest. 

I really like that. A good lesson in life. We all need our time of rest. And Winter brings peace and quiet, a perfect time for rest.

I spent the weekend up in Running Springs with Sarah & Charissa's family. 
We took walks, and ate too much food, and played games, and made crafts, and drank cup after cup of coffee, and even checked out the little thrift shops in town. 
It was a perfect, wonderful, beautiful, peaceful weekend of rest and I really needed that.

I daydreamed about owning a snow covered cabin someday and making pies and sitting by a fire to knit.
I am really looking forward to a new year. 
I am really looking forward to leaving this year behind.
But this will be one of the memories of 2013 that I will cherish and remember fondly.

2014 has no mistakes in it yet. It's all possibility. 
I have big plans.
Big scary plans.
and I can't wait.

So good bye 2013, it was not really very nice knowing you.
Hello 2014, I can't wait to get to know you.

I played with doggies who have hated me for 9 years who finally decided I was okay.

I hope your Holiday is a merry and bright and lovely and restful one. 
I'll see you in the New Year.

With love,

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