February 3, 2014

Spring Dreamin'

My dearest, darlingest Erica is going to be visiting me over Spring Break! As soon as we began discussing her visit I started planning all of the places I would take her. As much as I go on about hating California (and I do), there are places dear to my heart and places I absolutely adore and I am so excited about getting to show one of my favourite people all those spots! Of course I've also been day-dreaming about pretty Spring outfits for all our adventures. While browsing online I found a ton of cute pieces to work into my Spring wardrobe from some of my favourite online and brick & mortar shops like Target, & Shop Ruche, as well as a new-to-me shop, One Stop Plus, a cool online mall for Plus Size ladies. You name it, they've got it. So here are a few outfit ideas I'm dreaming of right now!


Erica has specifically asked to go and see all the Classic Old Hollywood spots. While I always laugh at people's fascination with the Walk of Fame, and Grauman's (it's not as exciting as you think!), it's always an enjoyable and charming experience seeing the places Clark, Garbo, Grant, Hepburn all hung out. I light Chambray day dress to combat the heat, cute and comfortable sandals, and a big floppy hat to ward off a sunburn and infuse just a little of Hollywood glamour. 

Picnicking in Forest Falls:

Forest Falls is one of my favourite (sort of) hidden gem. It's nestled at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains and is comprised of a Christian camp, a coffee shop, a whole lot of cabins and one little State Park picnic area where you can take hikes of various difficulties up to the waterfall. I spent my Birthday there last year and it is just a wonderful beautiful little haven (it also happens to be hidden in a little valley hidden from direct sunlight. sometimes it's 30 degrees cooler there than it is in Riverside and it's only 45 minutes away!). I had told Erica about this place a few weeks ago and definitely want to show her some of California's natural beauty. Some good boots, a pretty top, and skirt, and you have the perfect ensemble for a hike and picnic.

Surfing in Oceanside:

Longtime readers will know that my entire family adores the Oceanside beaches. The town is charming, the beach is beautiful, and the best fish'n'chips in California are right on the Harbour. While I am a terrible surfer, I do know how and it is incredibly fun! So I've promised to take Erica out at least once! Despite what films like to show, a one piece and board shorts are one of the best things for surfing. Bikinis are cute, but a sand rash on your stomach is not. And of course a cozy beach towel or mat for reading or playing endless games of Peanuts.

Seaport Village:

Ah, possibly my absolute favourite location in the whole state (and maybe even the world), Seaport Village is a little pedestrian mall on the San Diego Harbour. I spent a good portion of my childhood hanging out here, riding the carousel, giggling at the Scandinavian Shop, eating Ben & Jerry's, playing in the wooden toy shop, and drinking coffee and reading books with my parents (before it was cool) at The Upstart Crow. During the day there are vendour stalls and entertainers, henna tattoos and balloon artists, and in the evening the twinkling lights set the tone as you walk among the Spanish architecture and ornate fountains looking over the Harbour to Coronado Island. I have a penchant for theme dressing, and love giving a nod to San Diego's Naval history. A comfortable circle skirt, and classic Breton style top with a twist, pretty little flats, and a big bow with a big bun are perfect for walking through the shops or taking in the sunset from the whitewashed concrete walls. 

Needless to say, I am pretty excited for Erica's trip, and pretty excited to do a little shopping in preparation!

*This is a sponsored post and compensation was provided. All the opinions written are mine. 

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