February 5, 2014

Granny Pants

Picture 098

Blouse, Sweater, Belt, & Shorts- Thrift Store, Shorts altered by me
Boots, Tights, &  Sunglasses- Target
Brooches- Vintage, Family Heirloom
Earrings- World Market
Headband- Me Made

It was finally cold enough that I could wear this awesome plaid old lady shorts I thrifted last summer! They're 100% wool and when I bought them came down around my knees. I hemmed them up in December and have been waiting for a cold snap to bust them out. Guh. The weather here was terrible all of last month. But now that February has come things seem to be getting cooler and not being 80 degrees in January. Enough about the weather.

Picture 095

Picture 093

Picture 091 I've been so excited to wear  these shorts and had a really hard time picking which of the outfits I've been dreaming up to go with first. Does anyone else ever step back and realize that something you think of as normal is in fact really ostentation to others? A few months ago I realized that about red lipstick for me. It's my everyday colour, whereas a pink or mauve or burgundy would be for special occasions (or specific outfits). That's how these shorts felt. I honestly felt like a million bucks in them and had a skip in my step all day. But then I realized why people had been giving me odd looks all day. Funny how different perspectives can be. Lord knows what will happen when I wear them next time with a red sheer blouse!

  Picture 090

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  1. Sometimes in the midst of frigid Wisconsin temps, I forget that some people are stuck with 80 degrees year round. I'm glad you got your "cold" day because those shots are freakin' cute!