April 4, 2014

On the Horizon


Blouse, Skirt, Belt, & Sandals- Thrift Store, Earrings- World Market



I've had some really great thrifting luck the last few weeks/months. For a while there I would find one piece here or there, but lately I'll go in load up my arms and walk away with a nice pile of treasures. A lot of things are ones that need altering and it's been really nice to have fun with dreaming up outfits again.  This skirt must have been used as a costume at one point. It was nearly floor length when I bought it and closes with velcro. The print is borderline obnoxious (it's roses in case you couldn't tell), and just perfect. The blouse and sandals are very recent finds, and I just really, really loved this outfit. This is one of those outfits where I just felt like myself. I'm excited to take this out this summer for picnics and hikes and general frolics through grassy fields. My Summer plans are pretty amazing this year, and perfect cute adventure outfits like this make me even more excited!



Speaking of Summer plans, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what this year holds in store. In May I'm going to be doing some travelling. I'll be in New Mexico for a few days visiting Laura, and a few days after I get back I get back on a plane headed to a secret location for a crazy wild adventure that will take me to two additional secret locations over the course of 7 months. It's crazy, wild, and super nerve wrecking. I will be living out of a suitcase, moving fairly often, and in totally foreign to me locations. I am of course excited, but also nervous. I have no idea what those 7 months will hold. As far as this space is concerned, I'm not even sure what my internet connection will be like. I will have a few free days while I am away, but I'd really rather not spend those days stuck in an Internet Cafe spending hours catching up on blog reading/writing. And honestly a part of me feels like I have outgrown this blog. It's been good and I've done a lot of growing up through it, and I still really love blogging, but I really think I am ready for a new chapter. We shall see.  The point is that I just wanted to touch base and let you know that things might be changing in a lot of small and big ways in the coming months. So if I seem to have dropped off the planet from May-December I promise I haven't, I'm just off trekking the world. I'm really excited to share this adventure with you all!!


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