September 26, 2014


I won't call it buyer's remorse, but sometimes I get so excited I buy ridiculous souvenirs.

Back when I first visited the UK 10 years ago I brought back a couple of tshirts as souvenirs and wore them to threads. I'm not kidding. I'd bought a particular pack of three t's with a union jack waving on the front that said "London." I don't remember when I finally tossed the last of those out, but I had literally worn holes through the whole thing. It was stained and frankly disgusting but I loved that stupid shirt. There was a tee in Iceland that said "Kick Ash" and I wish I had remembered to go back and buy it. I have this penchant for buying ridiculous tshirts or sweatshirts while on vacation and then go home and realize I don't even wear tshirts very often. I bought these two while at the Wallace Monument and after getting back home I realized that aside from working out or sleeping I will probably never wear these out and about. But here I am still buying tshirts as souvenirs. Oh well, they're cheesy and I don't even actually care. I love them.

William Wallace is my hero and I've been dreaming of visiting the Wallace Monument for years. This was me getting to finally see Wallace's sword (which is actually as tall as I am(I'm 5'6"!)) and I spent the whole time I was there crying and gave the poor Australian tourists who took this picture for me a very impassioned speech about freedom and the free market and natural law.

Some people get excited over sports.
I get excited over economics and 700 year old swords.

I decided today that I'm going to remain single until I find a man with the politics of William Wallace, the voice of Josh Groban, and the everything else of Chris Helmsworth. 
I'm all about the realistic goals.

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