July 27, 2008

At long last

sorry for the break in blogging! we have been on vacation and then came back and flew right into the work week. well this week's TDI is inspired by one of my all time favourite movies: Photobucket

If you haven't seen this movie you must. It is one of the best happy sorta romantic, thrilling, and cute summer movies EVER! It takes place on Crete so today we will be in Crete walking on the beach.

OKay so usually I'm not one for coloured pants, but I love these. and the espadrills are supposed to be red, but couldn't find any. Anyways The pink top is not exactly what I wanted, but it's really cute!

The Hunky love interest in this movie inspires Hayley Mills to dress up for dinner even though they are in a tiny little hotel. So when I meet my hunky mysterious English man I plan on wearing this lovely ensamble.

I would KILL for the dress Hayley wears in the movie, but here is the next best thing as we go through the ruins at the Palace of Knosses.

Well there you have it! So go buy/rent/netflix MoonSpinners. Then get the Movie Mama's Boy so you can see Uncle Stratos as an old man. and yes the old man is Uncle Stratos. It's pretty funny!

Also if you want to join me in my little make believe world feel free to! I've already got my sister friends on the bandwagon. So be creative and have fun!

oh and here's a note from the one and only Miss Live a Little:
Sooooo...I'm here at the Barrett house and I would just like to say: they are certifiably crazy.
Also;; George Clooney is hotter than Sean Connery.
All though...Sean Connery is "THE SHEX GOD OF THE UNIVERSH."
Oh...and I love Ashley to reeses pieces.

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  1. I love this movie- didn't know anyone else had ever heard of it. :)