August 28, 2008

Fashionably Broke

So yesterday as I was bemusing the "I spend too much on things I'm not really sure I actually need" blues, I happened to be viewing my own blog, and remembered that I linked to the Wardrobe Refashion site run by the fabulous NikkiShell. So I was browsing this morning and thought to myself "hmmm, this looks like a way for me to spend less $$ on unnecessary things." Basically you can only use what you already have, or you can make things from fabric and patterns you already have, or you can shop second hand and use those in your refashioning. So I figured that I spend a good 300$ on crap- not necessarily clothes, but tights here, a handbag there, cute shoes, crappy lunch in the cafeteria, you get the picture. granted 300$ isn't a huge amount compared to some people, but by golly it is for me! So I took the pledge this morning and starting September first I cannot and will not be buying any more "things". I realize that I only signed up for a thing to not buy clothes, but I'm extending it into other things. I have plenty of cute shoes to last me through the next 6 months, and more than enough bags (I bought two at Forever 21 the other night), and I'm sure I can make my clothes into some pretty rockingly fabulous stuff. Besides I'll have a new sewing machine soon! I guess that means I need to buy everything for school this week.... oy school, how you taunt me.
Back to the work on my desk,

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