August 27, 2008

Why did they even invent college?

I finally bought my own sewing machine. I bought it on ebay. Here's the link. It's really nice and I cannot wait to get it and maybe finish my skirt? I really want to make a dress before school starts. Oy. Less than a week before I start. I have this forboding feeling of doom regarding the coming semester. Which could mean one of two things: I'm either going to do really well, because everytime I have a great feeling about the semester I end up doing bad, or just so-so, or I'm going to flunk out mid semester. I'm really hoping it's the first one. I started panicking last night because I have Theory this semester and couldn't remember how to invert chords. I registered for that class last spring and then dropped it because I couldn't remember like anything from the music fudamentals class I had taken a year and a half before. I'm still trying to figure out how I managed to get a B in that class. Of course I really do remember how to invert chords, but I'm just panicking. I think I'll get a tutor at the beginning of the semester and just pace myself with making sure I do well. It's all going to be fine, I just have to stop freaking out! But anyways I have a couple of patterns for dresses that would be easy and fun to make, but I have no fabric that I really want to use on said dresses. On another note I need to start making myself follow a strict budget. Also I need to read everything before I do it. Like if you are buying something on ebay and have never used paypal before, and for some reason it asks you for your debit card number, you should probably stop and say wait a minuet, I signed up for paypal to be taken out of my savings account where I've been saving for a sewing machine, so why is it asking me for my debit number which is not connected to my savings account. If you don't happen to ask yourself this you will end up having to move money from your savings account to your checking account because the machine you just bought was 199$ and you had exactly 139$ in your account. I would have had more money but I stayed the night in Oceanside on Friday and had to pay for a motel 6, plus food, and pajamas, and an unreasonable amount of gas. I need to deposit birthday checks right away. I also need to find my birthday checks right away..........

I just got back from JoAnns. I was writing that at work and now I'm home. But I did get two Built by Wendy patterns and some very pretty fabric to make one of them. it's a dress. I'm hoping to get it done before Tuesday, and the other I'm going to do a shirt out of that polka dot fabric. I gave up on my own pattern, and this one is similar. I'll let you know how it goes. So Tonight is Project Runway! I think I'm going to start mt dress of shirt while watching it tonight, that or clean my room, do laundry, or start to pack up my stuff since I'm moving into a room with Bri this weekend..... In other words I'm getting off the blogging..... tootles

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