September 1, 2008

Three days...

Today is Labor day, which means that I have the day off, and that I start school tomorrow(bleh). So in Honor of the end of summer, (even if the weather is going to be in the 90's all week) here for TDI (yes I know it's late again, but don't hate me) is Three Days on a Road Trip. Enjoy:

I look like a doof in RayBans, but they are very cool, and I almost bought that bag, but did not due to my "I'm not spending anymore money on things I don't really need" pledge. This reminds me of pictures of road trips people took going down Route 66, which by the by part of it is located in San Bernardino, the next county over from Riverside, and is in the ghetto. So Yay.

I finally bought me a pair of white heart glasses. yay!

If you could marry a colour, I would marry orange.
That's all for now, dears, so tootles

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