September 2, 2008

The one where I go back to school

Dear readers I would love to say that my entire morning was a blast, a peachy keen, lilly white, wonder of a morning. I'd like to. But it was not all lovely reuniting, and note taking. See RCC is a community College. Which means that the parking lots will be full for the next three weeks, then a quarter of the people will drop, then there will be some parking, but not quite enough. so then sometime around midterms another quarter will drop. at this point parking will not be an issue at all. then right before finals another quarter will drop and it will be parking heaven. Now I usually take classes at 7am. which is dumb. you just can't learn at the hour, especially if you have flipping chatterjee for a professor. so this semester I have classes that start at 8:10, and 8:45 every day of the week. It alternates. anyhoodles. I was trying to find a parking spot at 8:24 this morning for a class that starts at 8:45. I found a parking spot.... at 9am. yup. I was soooooo mad! so then I got to my class and it was great and grand, and lovely, as was my second class. So all in all it was a very nice first day, save the parking incident. So that's it. that was my day thus far. I'm pooped, and don't really want to work, but alas.... BTW I am really hoping my new sewing machine gets here soon. I have so many projects I want to do...
Love and Tootles

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