September 6, 2008

Why I try not to converse with nine year olds


This is Fraser. He is my youngest brother. He will be nine on Friday. Here is the converstation we just had:

F: Hey um, Ash....

A: Yes Fraser?

F: So I think I'm maturing. Or just getting smarter. [begins to put on my newish sandals] Because usually when i do something stupid...

A: like wear my shoes?

F: haha. yeah it's just something I do. But I was getting dressed and as I grabbed my shirt I was thinking I needed a shower, and I thought I should take a shower when we get home from the beach tomorrow. But then I thought it's going to be late, so Hey! I'll take a shower the next day.

A: wow. I guess you are maturing.

[Fraser leaves. Ashley changes into her pajamas. Five minutes pass. Fraser enters Ashley's room, arms folded.]

F: well I guess I'm actually getting stupider. I just told mom and dad that I was going to shower the day after tomorrow, and they actually said they actually think it would be smart to shower tomorrow! Humpf! [laughs the laugh you laugh when someone tells you something utterly reddiculous that ends up being true and shakes head, and walks to his bedroom.]

Yes that is my brother Fraser.

If you noticed the change of heading picture congrats! You won the honor of reading my blog in the fall or fallish season.

Oh and there will be no TDI tomorrow. I've had a busy week and didn't get a chance to prepare for TDI. But next week there will be either a double feature of SDI(Six days in the City) to make up for it.

Oh and I have just finished a shirt! My first fully finished, I didn't try and shoot myself while making this, excpet for when putting in the lace that I ran out of, shirt! It's out of the red polka dot fabric, and while it's not perfect, it's pretty dangd cute! Hopefully that will be up by Monday. I also have a very cute dress in mind out of some vintage light blue corderoy and some recycled red buttons! So yay!

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    i imagined that in my head and then laughed out loud. and then i read the part about him coming back in five minutes later...and i may have peed myself.