November 16, 2008

A blog of gigantic proportions.

I am having the best day! No really I am! I've been trying to figure out what it was that has made today so awesome- which is the best word to descibe today. Here's some of the things that may have contributed to today's awesomness:
  • THE best dream EVER. It followed a horrible nightmare that I forced myself to wake up from. When I fell back asleep, though... It was almost worth the nightmare.
  • I actually woke up on time today. Which like never happens. My alarm went off at 6 and I was in the shower at 6:17. It was a great shower too.
  • So I was going through my closet for things to wear today. I saw my blue & white polka dot dress. I thought, "Hmm why don't i wear this more often?" I tried it on. It looked cute. I grabbed the slip and cami that i have to wear with it. I put them on and felt like i was missing something ( yes I was wearing underware). I remembered why I don't wear it. I usually have to wear my tummy smoother thing because it's just a little tight. I no longer have to wear said smoother. It's still tight in the boobage, but not as bad as before! So yay!
  • I actually ate breakfast. I know big woop, but for me it is. I really do love to eat breakfast, but I almost never bother. So this morning I had a lovely plate of fried eggs (which I am beginning to adore unnaturally), bacon (which i already unnaturally adore), and a really, really good cup of coffee. So, score me!
  • I was on time AND prepared for class today. Usually the being on time isn't an issue, but the prepared is pretty rare. I hate this class and am so unmotivated to do anything for it. But I actually did my homework.
  • Um... I saw THE most gloriously beautiful man on the planet sitting at a table outside the Quad. Seriously. My jaw dropped, I oggled, I had a hard time with coherencey. I dropped my book behind him and he picked it up and handed it to me, and I said this exact sentence: "oh thanksmhahid;llhadoisdfhhn..............hsfjkwsdbvfjhvfb." Then I blushed and walked away like a retard while I bit my lip off. So then I stood outside my class waiting for the class before us to let out, and he was in my line of sight, so naturally I watched him. And he motioned to me and talked to his friends. And I blushed and turned away, but not before we made a little eye contact. Well as best we could through his Ray Banz and my Heart sunglasses. And he was wearing a Henley that was just a little too tight, and he had the arms rolled up just enough to expose his lovely arm. And THEN he took off the sunglasses and had THE prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen on a fellow. Then he left for class, which made me sad, but he did smile at me as he passed by where I was talking casually with a classmate. So wherever you are Ray Banz/Henley guy, you made my morning, feel free to stop by again.
  • My class was almost fun. And I became the hero to all the guys in the class. We were discussing whether you should disclose that you slet with their best friend to your fiancee. All the guys said yes, the girls said no. I said yes. The guys loved me. The girls hated me. I was told that I was, and I quote, "the only smart girl in this whole damn class", and that I was obviously a good girlfriend because I was "actually honest with a dude." My teacher said that I and the chaps in the class were right, but the other girls all started attacking me, which made all the guys go off. It was highly entertaining. Then my Professor started going into her sex life and killed the mood.
  • I saw a news clip with Rob Pattinson. Are you at all aware of the gloriousness of he who is called Rob Pattinson? Well you should be. Please, please, please marry me? My mom has decided he is the perfect man for me, which probably a bad thing. He drives a crappy car that he loves and lives off Snapple and hot pockets. I used to drive a crappy car that I love and live off Crystal Light Fruit Punch and cheese-itz. Also he's English. Hi Rob I'm Ashley. I live in Orangecrest, in Riverside. I'll give you directions.
  • I had to take the bus home. My cell phone is dead. I had no idea what time it was. I was at the bus stop for 30 seconds before my bus pulled up, and she took the short route home.
  • I stopped at Walgreens to get toothpaste before I walked home. I bought toothpaste and went to go price teeth whitening strips. The ones I wanted were on sale for ten bucks. Rob pattinson was a cover blurb on Star Magazine. I bought it. His picture has been ripped out of the magazine, and the rest of it is discarded.
  • I realized that Twilight is in TWO DAYS!!!!!!! Hey did you know that Rob Pattinson is in that? Oh also he was listed as the 7th Sexiest man on a yahoo thing this week. I offer this proof: Photobucket and this: Photobucket ((This is my favourite pic!) That other guy, who is also a particularly fine looking man, is also in Twilight with Rob Pattinson) If you don't agree with me, well you can just go fly a kite for all I care.
  • I had the house to myself for a couple hours today. Yay!
  • I weighed myself. Normally I would not put this on a list of how FEE-nominally good my day was, but here's the thing: I have been "dieting" since October, which just means that I eat less, and move more. Recently people have commented on how I look like I've lost weight. 'Bout freaking time I say. The reason I started this in October is because I weighed myself and almost screamed with dispair. I didn't look like it, but i was almost 300 lbs! I know scary crap. When I weighed myself today the scale, which I have been assured is not broken, told me that I have lost...... drum roll please....... 35 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that was cool...

Well my parents are gone for the day and I'm on kiddo duty. We're going to go get movies and I'm going to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and buy bins for my room. I might just treat the little squirts to some smoothies. Afterall spread the joy.

So how is your day going? Mine's been great!

I'm going to post later about all the goodies I got from Pilgrims Place this past weekend. So tootles till then!


  1. i'm really proud of you for keeping up and losign the weight. you should be a bad mofo and keep it, because it's just amatter of heart health, and i would be sorey sad if you died before the age of 70...i plan on another good 80 years of friendship with you sister!!!

    love you [=

    i gave blood yesterday, so my day was weird...

  2. oh yes you did...i forgot.

    k yay! i think it is essential we have sleepover/no sleepover...we need all night to catch up muchos crazyness!

    and now...i'm going to start reading your book!