November 22, 2008

Houston we have a problem.

My computer hates life and thus decided to fritz it's self out, so until it's up and running don't expect much in the way of posts. Hopefully by Monday I'll have the damn thing working, and will post some wonderful blogs anout Twilight, and Pilgrims Place and other nonsense that I love including a tag I got from the lovely Charissa bird, who I will have to teach how to do likage. anyhoodles have a marvy weekend and please pray for my compy, because the novel I'm writting is on there and if it dies i will also. BTW do not delete the chapters I've sent you two Sarah and Charissa! they may be the only thing left of it! More about the novel later!

Oh and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad! I love you so much!!!!!

I'll write later if I haven't died from despair 'cuz my computer died.....

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