December 8, 2008

ADD is not good for blogging

Here are the possible titles I played around with as I formulated this blog in my head:

"Why you should not drink coffee and drive in the car with my father"

"My legs look like asparagus"

"Really California? You can't be cold for more than a day?"

"Adventures in taking pictures by the pool"

"I'm either pregnant or starving myself"

"Dear Old Navy, why have you been holding out on me?"

"Reason # 365 why Rob Pattinson is my perfect man"

"My bangs are crooked, how did this happen?"

"How hard is it to remember my name is Ashley, not Amy or Amanda?"

"My return to heels"

"Yes, I do actually think you are that stupid"

"Why do people who lose loved ones take it out on Christmas?"

"Watch as Ashley eats her words about people taking losing loved ones out on Christmas"

"Wow. I am a callous bitch and I fail at life"

"Joy to the world, my computer is fried"

"Why Charlotte "Chuck" Charles is my homegirl"

"I bet I wouldn't have to make copies if I worked at Starbucks"

"I promise this post contains only one rant"

"Why tuna kicks pb&j in the ass"

"If my sister wakes up dead tomorrow, I promise it's justifiable homicide"

"Why I should not share a room with my sister # 8 million"

"Holy Crap! How is already Monday?"

"This post has a 97% chance of offending you"

"20 reasons why I'm going to hell."

"Yes I do actualy have moral standards"

"The word is pronounced AK-Tuoo-All-ee, not akshley"

So That pretty much sums up my weekend. Monday. I'm not generally a "oh I hate Mondays" kinda person. Usually I feel kinda meh about them. Whatevs, It's just a day. But today I am really not into being at work. On the plus side I look adorable!





And this is why my legs look like asparagus. And see those shoes. I love them. I bought them at Old Navy, who's shoes have never impressed me that much, but there are three airs that I absolutly adore! I'm going back to buy the other two tonight. Here's a close up of said shoes:

I love them with a deep and burning passion! And they are sooooo comfortable. It's crazy. I've worn them all day and my feet to do not ache at all! So yay!

Anyways. I had alot of really funny and horribly hilarious things to say, but I just don't have the energy. And I'm on my 3rd cup o coffee, but since caffine has no effect (and I'm not actually joking about that) on me, I still feel groggy and hazy. On the plus side, it's an overcast day afterall, even though it was pretty sunny this morning.

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