December 6, 2008

Just a quickie...

And yes everything I say can be turned into something dirty if you try hard enough....

Anyhoodles So remember this post? Yeah the one where I informed everyone that I had lost 35 lbs? Well a few days after that I had lost another two lbs, then sometime last week during Thanksgiving I gained one lbs back, then on this past Wednesday I had dropped that damn pound and another 3, which would have made my total 40 lbs. Cool. Except that I weighed myself today and I had lost another 2 lbs since Wednesday! Yahoo!!!! 42 pounds!!!!!!! At least that's what my math defuct brain got. Correct me if I'm wrong. Point is that I am very happy and excited! Yay!
I have a real post in the workings, so just hold tight.

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