December 13, 2008

I had the weirdest dream last night....

I had a baby who was dying and my husband (who was very good looking mind you) was sitting on a bench outside the incubator room in the hospital (I'm sure they have another name, but I don't know it.), and I was standing at the window bawling my eyes out, when there was suddenly this old Irish Lady next to me (she came out of nowhere) and she proceeded to tell me that my baby was going to be fine, but if I didn't take care of myself I wouldn't be. Then she told me that my son was going to grow up and be a doctor, and he'd have curly hair and marry a girl named June. And she said that I was going to have twin boys next (which scared the crap out of me). Then I noticed a younger man next to her. And then they were gone (like poofed into nothing). And then my baby started to breathe on his own and I started screaming at my husband to wake up, because it was going to be okay.
That's when I woke up. Weird huh? So here are my thoughts on this dream:
First this confirms that I will have all boys, if I ever have children. This is a very long story, that I really don't want to write out, so just know that I have been cursed (or blessed?) that I will only have boys. Also I learned that my subconscious should never choose names for people. That poor baby was named Calvin. Who names their kid Calvin? Apparently me in my dreams. Thirdly, let me elaborate on my husband: ................................................................ <------- that equals there are no typable sounds that are appropriate to describe his gloriousness.... Like No Joke! He was incredible! So I am completely open to meeting this man and marrying him, however, how horrible a dream to have! I mean really! It wasn't a nightmare, because everything was okay, but I wouldn't exactly call it a good dream. If this was some snippet of my future then I want out (except for the really hot hubby I'll keep that part)! I asked the lady at one point if I was being punished for being too happy (not that I even believe that happens) and she was all no deary this is just another thing to add to your happiness. What the hell is that supposed to mean. Also I'm fairly convinced that she was supposed to be an angel. As well as that other dude with her. Now I fully believe in angels and I'm even pretty sure I had a conversation with one, though I'm sure everyone else would think I'm nuts. Of course I was eight when it happened and I could have totally hallucinated the whole thing, since I've always had an overactive imagination. But that lady told me exactly what would happen, and it did happen, so take that doubters. Ironically it was also in a hospital in regards to a dying baby, but it was my sister Dee, and the details were very different. Anyways so I find this whole thing very, very disturbing. Except when I woke up I wasn't even freaked out about it. I was just like okay so that's gonna kinda suck to deal with, but hey it's going to be okay, so there's no need to worry about it. The only other semi-logical explanation I have is that the dream is a representation for my career as a musician, with the baby representing my career which will be failing and I'll be stressing myself out and convinced of the worst until suddenly someone comes along and says, it's going to be fine, you're going to be fine, and then my career will start breathing and take off! Of course that's using Freudian theory to determine the meaning of my dream and since I like to think that Freud was a wanker and an addict (oh wait he was), I'm not really sure I can justify this theory. Of course someone could have spiked my coffee last night too.
On the plus side, I got the feeling that the old Irish Lady was my guardian angel, and if that's the case I am so stoked! I knew there was a reason I love Ireland so much! The other dude I'm not sure who he was, maybe Calvin's angel? I don't know, but I do know I should probably drink less coffee before I go to sleep.
After I told this dream and my theories to Chel and Dee, Dee told me about her dream last night, that she woke up and wrote down because of it's craziness, which involved my dating Rob Pattinson, him asking her when he should ask me to marry him, us suddenly being married, but it's years later and Dee is still in Jr. high, and her being at church and having a conversation with all her friends about the hotness of my husband, then having him pick her up from church while the other little Jr. high girls stared and squealed. Oh and he and I lived in a castle with my Volvo parked in front. So apparently we all had spiked coffee last night....
Dee just told me that the thing that sucked was that even in her dreams I get Rob Pattinson. Well that's what you get for being this cool....
Well in other news It's supposed to rain today and Monday and there is going to be super wondrous 6 foot waves tomorrow so we're all heading down to Oceanside for the night so we can go surfing tomorrow.
Have a lovely weekend and beware of coffee spikers.....


  1. glad we could make your day....and you thought your family was crazy. lol

  2. maybe your dream was telling you you need to start truly taking care of yourself or else you'll never achaive this future.

    thats what i would gather from this if it was my dream. ad well as the suckiness of your self-concious naming of babies.

  3. maybe your dream was telling you you need to start truly taking care of yourself or else you'll never achaive this future.

    thats what i would gather from this if it was my dream. ad well as the suckiness of your self-concious naming of babies.