December 17, 2008

Knives would feel really good if they were to be stuck in my back.

I want to die.

I'm just sayin....

Mostly I'm just in alot of pain. My "back" is killing me. Take what you can from that. I have gone to the health food store across the street and bought a "back" and other problems medicated mouth spray that tastes like poo, and heating pads, that aside from being absolutely disgustingly sticky, burns like hell fire and doesn't seem to be actually helping my "back" problems. It's very frustrating and thus I now and tired and a little grouchy (but not much) and would just like to curl up in my bad and dream of lovely things in a world without "back" problems. But alas I have to sit at my computer and type up Proofs of Service and tell complaining clients to go take a chill pill or I will unleash the wrath of my "back" pains on them. So I am trying to stay focused on the positives. Like the fact that I NEVER HAVE TO GO BACK TO RCC!!!!! and that MY SPEECH CLASS IS OVER!!!! My final was interesting. We had 100 multiple choice questions, and then 50 true/false questions, and four essay questions. I only did three of them, mostly because I just didn't care. But here's the thing, all the essay questions were things we'd already done in class and turned in or discussed. So I was like this is dumb. One of them was to come up with a relationship in our lives and using these 15 guidelines for how to suck up and never insult anyone we had to prove whether said relationship was healthy or unhealthy. When we did this in class I used my mom and so I didn't really want to use her again, but I also didn't really want to discuss anything else in my life, because I didn't like her and she had no business knowing my crap. So I used a character from my book and talked about what a healthy relationship we had and totally made up all these things we do together as proof of our healthy relationship. It was awesome. Then the next question was that we had to think of a conflict we'd dealt with in our past, or were currently dealing with and decide which of the ways to deal with conflict were the best. When we did this before in class, and spent the whole class time discussing it!, I used a family member who inspired this post, so eat crap beyotch. Anyhoodles, instead of using a real life problem, I again used a character from my book and told all about the time when she and I were mad at each other because our communication wasn't so hot due to the fact that there was all this misunderstanding and basically it was a glorious piece of fiction. *I would just like to interject here that I apologize to my co-worker Jess for being in such a winey and complainy mood. I promise to be all sunshine and lollipops with a hint of rainbow tomorrow* Anyways the point is I really, really, really don't even care about that class! And it's over!!!! so yay! Oh also It's raining. There was a storm that came in on Monday and it poured and poured and poured and poured. The pre-storm waves on Sunday were pretty good, until about noon. I only got one really good ride, which was also sadly my first ride. The water was cold, but the air was colder and really windy so that was fun. I don't own a wetsuit, which is normally fine-ish (the only problem with that is that my swimsuit is not really surfing friendly, so there are always some wardrobe malfunctions that have to be fixed and arranged (mostly arranged) in order for me to continue surfing). I went out into the water once and decided it was too cold then I sucked it up and drove under a wave and was perfectly fine. Until I got out. Then I was a little cold, but whatever, I got dressed and we went on our merry way. Except then I felt really sick. Then I had a fever. Then I spent the night throwing up and feeling like poop. But all in all it was worth it, because we had a ton of fun and saw Twilight again. So that was cool. anyhoodles another storm came in yesterday and it has yet to stop raining all day! I'm loving it and everyone else is hating it!
I have more things to say, but my mental capacity is crap right now and I think I need to go barf.

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