January 22, 2009

Sing me a song

Okay so I'm so tired and have almost no energy left, thus Here is the Idol audition wrap ups:

This week was boring. There wasn't anyone good, there wasn't anyone too freaky. I was bored. I was sad, because Frisco is my homedog, and there was no one there who impressed, or scared me. It was pathetic.

In other news: I was on the bus coming home. There was a crazy lady. there was a smelly guy who was like fourty and old and smelly. He asked me if he could borrow a pen. I handed him a pen. He got off at my stop and asked me my name. I was nice and polite and answered (first name only), then he handed me a note. Written was this:
You are so cute I was too shy to talk to you.
Call me tonight and tell me your name
I'm James.
Here's my number:..........
I'm not joking. This just happened to me. Thus I am not taking the bus home anymore without a taser and some pepper spray. Also, why am I cute!!! and why can't guys who are cute and younger than my parents and take showers give me their numbers??????? Welcome to the world that is my life! And he freaking used my pen! I'm an enabler!!!! why my own pen????
In better news my voice lesson was abso fabso!!! I mean it! It was so awesome! It's funny because Steve and I know each other pretty well, he's really more than a teacher. He's a good friend too, and he genuinly cares about his students and how to best help them. I sware he's the coolest guy I've ever met, best teacher I've ever had, and a very good friend. Anyways he's so supportive of me and he's giving me ideas (but not suggestions, inside joke) and I am so excited about the coming months! I'm so excited for the future! I'm excited to see what I can do! It was awesome to come into my lesson today with a whole new mindset. I don't have any "have" to's, I'm just gonna sing. And I'm gonna sing what I want to sing. I see myself differently than when we first started lessons, and I see the world more clearly. I got to tell him things about myself instead of him telling me and me saying "oh duh?" The lightbulbs (or some of them at least) have gone on, and I'm not so lost and directionless anymore. I threw away the "should haves" and the "shuld be's" and the "could haves" and the "could be's". I left behind the "what if's" and the "how come's" and now I'm just me singing. I said that two years ago when I first got myself in this mess: "all I want to do is sing". and now I'm doing it. The coolest part, is that even though I was convinced that Steve was going to think I was an idiot for leaving shcool, he's totally on the bandwagon and he's actually getting me to think and make it happen and even push me a little. So all in all it's been a really great day (minus creepy guy). I'm hyper and excited and want to work on all the things we talked about today. The funny part, I didn't even sing a single note. Also we're writing s grunge song called "fame is a butterfly" It's going to be amazing! Oh I make myself laugh! Really though, best lesson ever! I'm so pumped! But excuse me now, I have a pen to boil and burn. I'll try to post new hair pics before I leave for the great AZ. Oh man I'm even excited for that now! See this is why I love music and all things related to singing! It's the best natural high ever!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! I'm so excited!!!!!!!

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