January 11, 2009

Rock me baby...

About two years ago I was tricked (literally) into helping out at an Autism day camp by leading songs and getting kids to go musical exercises. It was 10% annoying because I got drug in at the last moment (no joke, like the lady pulled me out of the room I was cleaning at work and begged me to sing with the kids for an hour, fortunately for her I'm a sucker for four year olds. I prefer four year olds because they have mostly gotten over their sticky/smelly days and can generally hold a decent conversation. Plus their minds are more mold able at four thus I can warp them easier), but 90% amazing! The kids were awesome and smart and sweet. I'd never worked with kids who had any kind of handicap or whatever the politically correct term is before, and absolutely loved doing it.

But more than the fact that I am pretty anti-autism, I'm even more so anti-treating kids who have issues like they have issues. kids are kids, and once they're past their sticky phase they're pretty easy to please. They should get the chance to be kids, and to have fun, and given every opportunity that is available to them. Not to preach, but I've known alot of people who treat their kids who happen to have some sort of problem like they don't exist, or are only half human. I've also know some who lift their kid up like a piece of toast with Mother Frocking Theresa on it and blast how their kid has issues. I'm all for finding the cure, and fighting for your kids, but at the end of the day your kid is not a god and frankly I'm pretty happy about that.
I'm not actually ranting here, just commenting.... Anyhoodles,

Great Cause, but more importantly great commercial! It's like the hot bad boy you really want to date, but are pretty sure he'll rape you first....

That was horrible, but a pretty good analogy of this video. I absolutely love that this is a bunch of former druggies and stoners and alcoholics who are supporting this cause. Plus I LOVE everyone of those guys! Anything that get's Gene Simmons to wear his KISS makeup is a-ok in my book. Plus I want to make out with Steven Tyler because he's probably the closest thing I can get to kissing a dementor without losing my soul. Though I have to say that it would have brought this video to a whole other level of AWESOME if Ozzy Osbourn and Sharon Osbourn had been in it. I love them, and don't care what you say. Sharon Osbourn is my homegirl, and we are soul sisters. She had a daytime talk show for a while that I freaking loved! It was the only thing on TV that I actually watched, and I was sad to see it go. It was like getting together with a really cool grandma and listening to her bitch about the world, men, dogs, and the stupid stuff her kids did, while her dogs ran free chasing camera men. I swear it was pure GENIUS!

I hope everyone is have a marvvy Sunday! I'm bored, tired, and have a headache and am currently sitting my my pajamas. yes at 8:30 I'm in my p.j.'s.... I'm pretty sure I'm a gramma.... But I am a really cool Sharon osbournesqu gramma....

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