January 12, 2009

Through a Rosy Hue

The sky isn't falling.
As crazy as it seems, it's not gonna fall tomorrow either.
I have never been one to worry. I mean I worry, but not really. I don't sweat it. I can get stressed, and freaked out, and feel like the world will pop, but I always know it's not going to. I'm the one who looks at the glass half full, while wearing rose coloured glasses, and then I use the water in the glass to water the roses I just stopped to sniff. I'm happy-go-lucky, always smiling, and got a song in my heart. I'm chill and calm and cool and good in stressful situations, because regardless of the level of stress, I know that tomorrow the sun'll come out, and I bet that someone will laugh, even if it's in Zimbabwe and not here. The world is a pretty beautiful place in my head, with lots of colour that includes black and grey. Grey is actually one of my favourite colours. I've never associated it with gloom, because first off I have grey eyes, and that happens to be my favourite feature, and secondly I like how grey looks on everything. And black is cool because it's basic and makes everyone look thinner. I always see the silver lining, and the rainbow in the storm. There's alot of beauty in the world, but sometimes you have to look for it. I'm one of the people who looks for it. Even at my worst, I still know I'm being stupid and that everything will work out in the end. If a meteor was threatening the planet right now, I really wouldn't freak out. Call your mom and dad, tell them you love them and I'll see you in heaven.
In my world robbers wear outfits like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, a ski mask, and yes they are called robbers.
In my world love conquers all, so why do you need to worry about the evil witch?
In my world all unmarked police cars are a '55 Ford of some sorts, and all plain clothes policemen wear three piece suites and fedoras.
In my world the rain makes puddles and that means you have to jump in them.
In my world it's better to do whatever is going to end up being a better story to tell.
In my world everyone laughs at least 1000 times a day.
In my world music plays 24/7/366
In my world life is always good, because it could always be worse.
I don't mind if you call me childish. I don't mind if you say I'm old-fashioned. This is how I see everything. This is how the world looks through my eyes, even without the Rosy hue of my spectacles. No one told me this is how things are, this is how I figured out life. Things will happen when they happen, and if they don't they just weren't meant to be, so don't be sad just move on to the next thing, because I'm sure it'll be better than what you planned before. I trust easily, too easily. and I have the remarkable ability to be happy wherever I am. Even when I'm ranting it's because I find it all funny, not because it really pisses me off. I try to seem all bad-ass, but I'm not. I'm funny and sunny, and pretty danged happy to be so.
So it's really hard for me to understand the people around me who see all doom and gloom. They want everything to be sunny and gay, but the problem is, that it's not going to be. You have to be willing to see the beauty in the gloom. I know that life will suck sometimes, but happiness is a choice. Even I know that. Trust me, I could get down. I could go all pain filled romantic and cry "woe is me!" about all sorts of things. I could cry about alot of things. My life might seem easy and fun, but it's not always. I have to make it that way. I'm not exactly vivacious all the time, it takes work. sometimes I want to cross my eyes and shut out all the noise and scream. But instead I smile and go to my room and blast some music. And I don't understand why that doesn't work for everyone. Why can't they just suck it up and smile? I know it's hard. I know that I don't have to be that way, but I am. I know that the world won't randomly combust, so why worry about that? So when people start worrying over idiotic things, and rushing to do unimportant stuff, I have the hardest time watching them, because in my head it's all okay. I cannot comprehend a world without happiness and beauty. Back a few years ago I was horribly depressed, but mostly because I allowed myself to be. It was over stupid things that I didn't even want. But even through those dark years I still didn't go completely dark and dreary. I could have. For a while I almost did, but I forced myself out of it. I'm not claiming my way of life to be better, just different.
But here's the thing: Things really do work out. Whether it's the way you want them to, or the way you don't they work out. They don't come in your time, but they come, eventually. I have been praying for the same two things since I can remember. Neither of them have come... yet. Maybe it's foolish hope, but I'd rather be a happy idiot, than a miserable genius. So I continue to pray and hope and dream and wish. But you can't let those things get you down, because worrying about serendipity, or what might come just gives you acne and a headache. So why bring all that on yourself?
I'm not saying to stop doing what's important. I'm not saying that you should quit your job and run off with a tribe of hippies. I'm not saying that you should walk through life with a cheesy fake smile on your face. I'm not saying that my way of thinking doesn't have it's setback, cuz it does. It's easy to get complacent. It's easy to be lazy. It's easy to not care about anything and assume that life will work itself out. But I am saying that maybe, just maybe things wouldn't be so overwhelmingly overwhelming if everyone tried to be happy for just a day. Instead of cursing the graffiti on the freeway think about a. the talent that they have to do that, and b. the mad skills it takes to climb on those things. Instead of bitching about the coffee you spilled on your shirt, remind yourself that it's not ink. It's the little things that count, so make them count. Smile at your barista, their job is actually pretty stressful. Smile at the guy who flipped you off, it'll totally confuse him. I know that a smile isn't going to fix world hunger, or the hole in the ozone layer, or reduce co2 emissions. But it just might brighten your, and someone else's day.
In closing I'd like to say that this is just a musing of mine. It's not directed at any one person. It is directed at all the people I know who seem to be in a slump and could probably use a hug. I know the world looks like it's going to hell in a hand basket. I know that some things just suck ass. I know that there are thing you aren't proud of. I know that times are tough. I know that banks are scary. I know. But I also know that God is in control. I know that the world will still be rotating tomorrow. I know that birds will sing, and flowers will bloom, somewhere in the world. I know that dreams come true. I don't write this blog just to rant, or make people think I'm crazy. I write it to make someone smile and to smile at myself. If I happen to make one person laugh at the moronic things that I do/happen to me, then it's been a good day. No joke, sometimes I will trip in a room and hurt myself to lighten the mood, because I know that I can laugh at myself. I consider that a gift and since it doesn't bother me to be the clown, then why not let it make other people smile. The day people stop laughing at me is the day I start worrying. I'm not trying to brag. I'm really not. I'm just giving you a view into my world, into my head. This is how I see it. I hope you might be able to see it too.
So have a beautiful week. Smile at a baby. Pluck a flower. Skip a stone. Eat lunch in a park.
Just smile.
Mon Dieu, hear the poet’s prayer.
The romantic should be here.
The romantic should be there.
It ought to be everywhere.
But the romantic must never remain.
Mon Dieu, and must never again return.
-Wallace Stevens
On a side note I'm thinking of starting a second blog filled with thoughts like these and poems. Any thoughts?


  1. haha, that wasn't as random as your other posts, but it was still really nice to read.

    to answer your question about having a second blog, i say sure, why not :)

  2. Glad you liked it! have fun at work! hahaha!