February 23, 2009

If I ever write a memoire, I'm going to title it "The Diary of a Psychopathic Dreamer"

I really am a bit of a psycho. It's a little annoying. And has nothing to do with this post, just a random observation. So actually I'm writing because I am shopping for a camera. Target has one on sale this week for 139$ which is totally in my price range. Usually I use my mom's camera, but Grace decided that it would be fun to dip it in the bathtub while the bathtub was full of water. Yup. She's a genius. So we're pretty sure it, the camera, bit the dust. So Sunday morning I was looking at the adds in the paper and there was the jolliness of the camera sitting there saying "Ashley buy me, buy me!" So I looked at all the other electronic-y adds and didn't see anything that looked to be as good a value. It's a Kodak with 10. something (I forgot) Megapixles. Does anyone know if this is a decent-ish camera? I'm not looking for anything pro status, but I'd like my pictures to look like I put some thought and effort into them. I'll probably go buy it tomorrow night, or at least look at it. It would be nice to have my own camera again.

I hope everyone had a really wonderful weekend. I did, though it went by too fast. Saturday was a ton of fun and I learned that an all-you-can-eat-dessert-buffet is no place for me. I had WAAAAAAAAAY too much sugar and ended up acting drunk the rest of the night. It did make for a rather hilarious Facebook video. My voice sounds really weird and low and tired, and I'm acting like a four year old, so mostly it's very accurate. Speaking of Facebook videos. I think it's at 2:08 mins that you should watch this. It's brilliant. Nice job Eric. But don't listen to the rest. It's a song I wrote, and well it's not amazing. So skip that, just watch the end. I tried to make this video about 30 times (actually it was only three times).

Alrighty I'm off to search for creditor addresses... My job is a barrel of monkeys.


  1. from the mom of the crazy camera girl. do NOT buy a KODAK....cannon, sony, olympus are all much better in quality. She says the Kodaks are returned more than any other brand. she also says to stay away from panasonic.

  2. I don't know anything about Kodak--Canon and Nikon have better reputations. 10 megapixels is good though...maybe you can test it.

  3. yeah, don't buy a Kodak unless you reeaaaally have to or you don't mind a crappy camera that takes "decent" pictures. i had a Kodak, it was cool until i tried zooming in and then the picture would become blurry once i put it on my computer. but 10.-something megapixels? i don't know, i have a Nikon that is 6.0 megapixels and it takes nice photos, so maybe it's 10.-something-else...unless it IS megapixels, then go for it at that price. good deal, even though it's not the best camera brand in the universe. :P

    but yea, if you can, invest in a Nikon, they're my favorite and if you get it from best buy they come with a warranty and you can get insurance for it if grace decides to go swimming with it once more.

  4. I do like "And Both Were Young." I've read every book Madeleine L'Engle ever wrote and now I'm working on some written about her. :) I think my favorite is "A Small Rain..." because I'm such a Katherine...

  5. ashley! save up for portland!