February 25, 2009

Pensively Wistful*

Sometimes there are days where the only words that describe them are "sweet melancholy." Today is one such day. Life is so happy, and good, and I'm excited for things that are coming. And yet there's a sort of happy gloominess that surrounds all these happy thoughts. I actually kind of enjoy these types of day. They seem calm, and pensive. I wish they were a little less pensive, but alas. I always get very productive-ish during these days. Yesterday I started a massive early spring cleaning thing in my room: getting rid of crap, sorting through stuff, forcing myself to actually scrapbook all that I need to scrapbook (I have like 8 trips worth of stuff sitting in a manila envelope in my desk that WILL get scrap booked this weekend!) , etc. It's no where near finished, but it will be by Saturday. I've blown through all my work today, save one thing that I'm putting off, because it's highly annoying. I also had a wonderful lunch with the ever wonderful Jill. I have a great time, so thanks for having Jury Duty Jill! I almost hope you get to come back this week! (not really I'm not that mean)

But despite all the happiness, there's something gnawing in my stomach like a warning. Maybe I'm tense because I'm afraid this is the "calm before the storm," so to speak. But that's not really it. I'm in a weirdly thoughtful mood. Y'know how sometimes you can feel that something is coming, but you just can't put your finger on it? That's what it's like. I want to curl up with a cup of coffee and just think. It's very bizarre.

Thanks to all for the camera advice. I'm looking into them trying to choose the best for my uses. All your advice has been very helpful!

* FYI This is redundant, and repetitive, and redundant, and repetitive, and redundant, and repetitive, and...


  1. lunch was fun... thanks for skipping your normal Wednesday activities.

    i got excused from a trial because i have tickets to "Rent" next week and the judge LOVES theatre and totally understood the need to be home early. gotta love it!

  2. btw: just read your "about me" section.....hahahahahaha

    i totally understand all those references....hahahahahaha