February 3, 2009

Video killed the Radio star

I have an addiction to music videos. Here's my top ten right now.

10: Graveyard Girl- M83. This is like a John Hughes movie set to music.

9. Your English is Good- Tokyo Police Club. Everything that is good about youth is in the video.

8. Sooner or Later- N.E.R.D. Everyone needs to listen to the words. And I'm gonna marry the guitarist in the plaid shirt. (Embedding was disabled on youtube for this song so go here and watch)

7. Thinking of You- Katy Perry. I don't care if you don't like her, this song and video makes me bawl like a frocking baby. I love it.

6. Hot'n Cold- Katy Perry. Again I don't care what you think of her, this video is genius.

5. The Fear- Lily Allen. I love Lily Allen. This Video is like Sofia Coppala's Marie Attoniette set to music. I love it! Also Some day I will live in a candy coloured caravan in the middle of nowhere. Plus, um, can I please have that dress?

4. The Littlest Thing- Lily Allen. Yes it's older, but I still love it!

3. Pumpkin Soup- Kate Nash. I love Kate Nash. I could do an entire post about Kate Nash and her music videos. But this one is definatly my fave.

2. Under the Weather-KT Tunstall. Again this may have to do with my dream of Caravan living, but probably has more to do with her boots.

1. Wintersong-Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bariellis. How flipping adorable is this song! I want to live in this world.

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