March 28, 2009

Dear Denny's, I'm so sorry.

I went shopping today and came home with the world's most bad ass headache. I don't know why. I ate, had more caffeine than I should have, I got plenty of sleep, drank lots of water. But nothing helps. This is why I have not posted O-side pics.

In other news I spent 70$ on bras and underwear finally. I hate undies shopping. Mostly cuz I wear a really random bra size and it takes forever to find any. Stupid weight loss messing up my bra mojo.

It's hot. I'm not looking forward to summer. I would very much like a plane/boat/kayak ticket to Antarctica. Actually I've always wanted to go to Antarctica. I like ice. and Penguins. I think we'd get along very nicely. (Me and Antarctica, not the penguins.) Actually I hate kayaks.

I think I'd like to be able to selectively choose who reads my blog (please don't remind me that there is a setting for this, just go with me). Like, I'd like for people to stumble on it and be all "holy cow this chick is hilarious! I want to be her bff, and hope that one day, I too can be as cool as her", and then start reading my blog, but then if I, say, posted a post about someone I happened to run into while shopping and had a really funny story about this person, that would totally hurt/offend/reveal my true feelings about said person. Cuz it's a great story filled with intrigue*, suspense*, revelations about how cool I am, people being frustrated that I was the apple of their child's eye, Home-school moms, stalker tendencies, random shout outs that I did not know about, awkward laughter, and a high A that someone (who was not me but the person in question) hit flat and sharp, which I didn't even know was possible until this happened. Really it's a great story (that Jill might remember, mostly cuz I went on and on about how much it disturbed me), ask me about it sometime. But I'd like to post it here, but if I do that then said person might see it, because said person is a friend on facebook, where my blog is linked and posted in my notes and what if said person one day randomly was all "Oh yeah Ashley! She's the crap! I should totally see what she's writing about and give her another random and awkward shout out that sends everyone into disguised snickers, because Ashley is just such a nice person she didn't have the heart to tell me that was weird, random, and a little creepy, and just played along with lots of thumbs ups" and then she saw this post and was all "holy skunk, she thinks I'm creepy! WTC(what the crap)! She was my idol!" Then she'd send me hate mail and flaming bags of poop and if there is one thing I can't handle it's flaming poop. And then when I run into said person she'd be all hater status and then I'd feel bad, just cuz I wanted to get a laugh on my blog. So this is why I should be allowed to choose which posts people get to read.

In other news we're not going bowling. We're going down to the UV (University Village for those who don't speak UCR (which is University of California Riverside (yes we have a UC school, but no where to hang out, it's awesome!))) to see a showing of Grease in the movie theatre. We are also going to be causing hell at Denny's. Denny's usually runs screaming when we show up because it almost always ends in really loud conversations about bodily functions, or random waiter flirting, or a "let's use all the items on the table and make a sculpture which we will call Denny'shenge", or a sugar packet fight.

My headache is almost gone now. I'm attributing this to the fact that I just drank half a bottle of Mtn. Dew. This is gonna be a fun night. Me and Mtn. Dew don't really mix well. Well we do if you plan on getting arrested, but not for normal quiet evenings.

Oh and there will be an etsy update tomorrow. look for it.
*this is not true.

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  1. this is exactly why i don't link my blog and facebook anymore.

    have fun at Denny's......