March 27, 2009

Moving pictures

I love it when you're having a crappy day, and thinking crappy thoughts, and annoyed with the crappy night, and then one little thing changes your whole mood around. Tonight I got dumped babysitting duties, despite the fact that a. no one asked me and just assumed that I was going to be home, and b. that I had plans for a music show that I was really excited for. It cheesed me off, and I was musing (cuz that's what I do) about things that made me rather annoyed, and wrote a song about how depressingly annoyed I was (no worries it's in the "I'll never use this nor let anyone else see if ever" pile of songs) and then my parents left and Fraser begged me to go rent movies when we went to get pizza. So being the amazingly sweet sister that I am I obliged, after I decided that I wanted to rent Quantum of Solice (even though I hate Daniel "I look like a Nazi" Craig (you are no Bond sir, no Bond.)), and that led me on a rabbit trail or thought about Sean Connery (which most my rabbit trails of thought do end there) and I was remembering the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. We rented it a long time ago, and my parents didn't like, it but I loved it, and I was pretty sure my brothers would also. So I went and rented it. Fraser picked out that and Bolt and I also found a movie called Blood and Chocolate which is about a werewolf girl who works in a candy shop (I know! talk about an awesome life!).Well the movie store guy (not Matt the stalker, or Josh the hottie, or shortie the shortie, or mouse boy, but the army dude from Texas(there's also a lesbian and a goth girl who work at our local Blockbuster. I love it(Goth girl is important to the story))) was all talking about movies with me (this happens alot, because I'm always in there, and apparently have great taste in movies) and we were talking about the genre of pseudo sci-fi fantasy goth-ish steampunk mythisim action films and how they really are the best because they combined all the great things about movie genres as well as movie elements and hark back to the point of films which were to be a visual representation of theatrical suspension of disbelief and allowed the audience to forget the real world and slip away into a world of magic, make believe, and fantasy (The semester I spent as a theatre major has proven to be useful in my discussions with movie buffs). Well we ended up talking for like fifteen minutes, bringing in Goth Girl (who sat in front of me at the midnight showing of Twilight btw in her Team Jacob shirt), and mouse boy to discuss the amazingness of movies about Vampires, werewolves (turns out the trilogy of werewolves movies I recorded on Sci-fi are actually really good (they are called Ginger Snaps by the by)), and other mythical creatures, then we discussed how we all though that we should return to having intermissions in movies, because movies such as Twilight would have been much better if they had stayed closer to the books and yes I'd be willing to sit at a four hour movie if there was an intermission, and then we discussed mood music, and the diversity of violas and violins in emotion response (seriously I should have stuck with theatre majoring or film studies). My whole night turned around. I love it when I can discuss things I love with other people who love them. It's like when someone gets me talking about music, only the people who understand music the way that I do pay attention, cuz they get it. So now my brothers are watching League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and I am in a much better mood and editing pictures from Oceanside so I can post them. The night turned out pretty okay.

Tomorrow = Bowling for which I am very excited. Funny story, I can't bowl well unless I'm drunk. Don't ask how I know that. There was a night, I was in England, spinal cancer, taxi rides, stolen bowling shoes, rubbing alcohol, McDonald's bathrooms, mile long walk into town..... Good times to say the least. Also I should *fingers crossed* have an Etsy update on Sunday.

Oh and hey if it crosses your mind, please pray for my sister Bri. She's got tonsillitis and has had it for two weeks now and it's not getting better. I'm playing nurse (my mom would be proud of all my homeopathic remedies) and making her sleep, but she's in alot of pain. As the very wise Fraser said: "siblings don't really like it if their siblings are in pain. Or getting beat up. That sucks too."

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