March 29, 2009

O-side (and an etsy update)

There's an update in my Etsy shop
And here are some pics from Oceanside.
Bri was a bird

Charissa wanted to go for a swim

They attack me for no reason all the time...

Upstart Crow in Seaport Village, San Diego. Best Coffee, Best books. Spent most of my childhood in this place.

A sign in The Upstart Crow

Wooden toys were all I was allowed to have when I was a kid. It was awesome.

Seaport Village pond.

The wooden toy shop I spent my whole childhood in.

Oceanside Pier

Yeah I don't know...



My fish had fins! We made it into a man.

Charissa thinks she's a model...

Best fish and chips this side of the pacific.

Jess couldn't come so we were asians for her.


  1. Love your funny pictures at Seaport Village. You and your friends look like a lot of fun!

  2. no, the mountain dew incident must be repeated at a later was too fantastic for words.


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