March 26, 2009


Item A:
Baby shower cards are the stupidest things ever. Talk about a trip to Sappsville.
Item B:
I shouldn't never be allowed to do the baby shower shopping, because I'm far too cynical to be let loose around baby items.
Item C:
I don't care if I don't have a kid. You're both younger than me, and I have farrrrrr more child experience than either of you two.
Item D:
I forgot how much I love tacos. If you ever get a chance to have real Mexican tacos, please do, you won't be disappointed.
Item E:
I want to die on the beach in the Oceanside Harbour. It is the most beautiful and peaceful place in the world.
Item F:
San Diego will always be my home. I miss it.
Item G:
No one does Sunsets like California, don't even try to argue.
Item H:
Pictures of the Oceanside/San Diego adventure will be posted tomorrow. Don't miss it!
Item I:
I need to move away from Riversdie (no that is not a typo)
Item J:
New stuff in the store on Sunday! Be there or be square. Also I finally got around to setting up the policies, and other helpful info.
Item K:
Saturday = Bowling!
Item L:
If I have to hear one more thing about what pregnancy does to you, I'm probably going to go postal.
That's it. Weird week.
I hate baby showers.

Be sure to check out the store!

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