May 30, 2009


I have been having that strangest series of dreams for over a week now. I mean stranger than normal. No Baby dreams, no theme, just plain old weird dreams. They've ranged from me almost killing myself in reality beause I wan't breathing because in my dream I was being strangled, to me commiting suicide with my boyfriend who was the son of a rival bankruptcy attorney because our families hated each other (and no I have not been watching any versions of Romeo and Juliet lately), to being killed by a giant black widow and screaming myself awake, to the latest instalment in which I have to save the world.

This one featured me following white arrows painted on the ground to get to the house I needed to get to in order to save the world, finding the family of the house who oddly enough are people that I really know and haven't seen/talked to since 2004, discovering that something was up with their youngest son, going to a brick building and hiding out there because everyone recognized me by my nose (I'm not making any of this up folks), having dreams while in the brick building of people and the youngest son calling me for help, finding the family and mine and several other importat people all trapped in paintings (in the portrait room of their house which we discovered were portals to alternate realities), saving all of them leaving the son for last and then discovering that we were destined for each other (which so weird because even though he looked nothing like the real person, I knew it was him. Which is weird because I've known this kid since we were like six or seven, broke several friendships over something having to do with this person, and he pushed me off of some rocks we were climbing when we were eight and knocked the wind out of me, and I haven't forgiven him for that yet (I have a scar from where the rock cut me)), marrying this guy (while still in his alternate reality, which we then discovered was not an alternate reality but was, in fact, reality), then some other stuff happened that I shan't talk about, then we discovered that we were destined for each other because it was up to us both to save the world (all becuase of our eye colour and no we do not have the same eye colour) and the key to saving the world was his former financee (who was really in love with his brother) who happened to be a girl I also knew when I was a kid who I hated, who I had to rescue out of her portrait which was her alternate reality in which she continuously packed a bag and played with dolls, and had to break the news that we were married (which none of our family even knew because once they had been rescued from their portraits they disapeared(and and in order for me to rescue them I had to go in and force them to face their most deep secret, or something horrible traumatic that they wouldn't face. Once they had done this they were flng back into reality (the portrait room) and instructed to stay there, but they didn't. I don't know if this was because they were kidnapped or what)).

This is when I woke up. I'm actually kind of curious to see where this thing was heading. I still have no idea what the problem with the world was or why we had to save it. I think I might turn this into my next novel. It was so weird. The whole dream was like a fairytale/scifi/fantasy/80's futuristic movie. It was weird.

I have no idea why I'm having strange dreams, or how to stop them. Most of them have ended with my death, which according to the fortune telling dream book I read last night at Anthro means that soon something I'm worried about will be over and all will be fine. I wonder what the crap this last one's supposed to mean? Where's Freud when I actually need him (I'm not a fan of Freud or English Professors who obsess over him). Does anyone have any suggestions for stopping dreams? I know strange question, but I'm not sleeping well because of them and it's kinda annoying. I've stopped drinking coffee before bed thinking that maybe it's just my brain being over active, I've changed the music I listen to, I've switched the side I sleep on. I've even tried to force myself to think of other things, but no such luck.


  1. supposedly if you go to bed thinking about the fact that you will stop your dreams, you'll be able to consciously change them in the middle of the dream. like, plan the course of your own dream.

    also supposedly you can think about what you want to dream as you fall asleep and that's what you'll dream.

    idk for sure.

  2. Tehee, wow, interesting dreams. Isn't it strange how dreams can seem so real? Even after waking up it still seems like it was something that actually happened!