May 29, 2009

(only because I've always wondered what I look like when I cross my eyes)
Here's the thing.

Women don't actually have to celebrate the birth of children we have no connection to. That's just stupid. Why spend our time and efforts (or money) on someone you've said all of six words to in the year you have worked together, and who's name you discovered last week? Who came up with this rule, and why have we put up with it for so long? Does no one else see the stupidity in it? Just because one person got knocked up and had a kid and we had a party doesn't mean that everytime someone get's knocked up we need to have a party. Especially if the said person whom the party is for IS NOT EVEN GOING TO BE HERE! And how did I get designated the dessert person? I didn't sign up for this. Just because of some accident of birth I was formed with two x cromezones, dose not obligate me to shop for someone I don't know just cuz they had a kid. It's not like she even really had it. She didn't do anything to have it. It was just "cut out" of her. So why are we making a big tado about it? Thus conscider this my resignation from the "Woman CLub". I'm done. This is stupid. I don't care what other women think of me because of this, I really don't. I'm not hard, or unfriendly, I'm just logical and ten bucks says they all think the same thing, but are too scared to say it. Screw women's rights, let's bring about Women's Not-Being-Stupid-ness. Seriously. I have already announced this to our office and they all agreed but gave me some half ass line about, "well we did it for all the other's and we'd do it for you." Thing is, I'm not having a kid, I'm not planning on having a kid and even if I was, I would not expect people who I don't really know, and don't really like, to throw me a party. My mom and friends and grandmothers, and all the people who, y'know, know me can do that. And I'm not bringing a cake!

In other news I am going shopping for San Francisco today. We have a little over a month before we go! I'm so excited. I already bought two dresses for the trip, and want to make another one for sure if I get the chance. One of these dresses I'm wearing today (and haven't had a chance to take a pic of), which I bought at my favourite antique store here. Best thing about it? I don't have to wear a bra with it! I bought alot of really cool stuff this week, that I'll show later. Right now I'm off to have Carona infused beef, and look at a cake that has over 1300 carbs in it. there is 64 carbs in a serving, which is 1 20th of the cake. I'm not eating the cake. The cake that I bought....

I just realized I forgot deoderant today... gah!

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  1. you guys are on your diet now huh?