May 27, 2009

Garlic Fingers (and other things you don't care about.

Good glory I am so tired! This morning I was asleep in bed (as opposed to being asleep in the shower?), and my alarm went off at six as usual. And as usual I turned it off and went back to bed knowing I'd wake up in an hour and then finally drag myself into the shower. I was up later than I should have been cutting out a pattern. I have a whole stack of projects I am determined to start/finish. But anyways. I woke up again at seven thirty and debated whether it was really worth my while to get up, and in doing so fell back asleep. At eight o'clock my mom walked into my room. Knowing we'd all had a pretty stressful day yesterday she called me very gently, to which I shot up in bed and started speaking nonsense and which point she laugh and asked if I was awake and I said something like, "yeah, sure, where are the chickens?" I didn't really say that but it was something to that effect. She just laughed and told me to get up and wake Bri up. So I went back to sleep. At eight twenty my dad walked to my door and just stood there. So then I actually woke up and told him "I'm coming. Give me two minutes." And I was ready in about two minutes. And that's my exciting story for the day.

Here is the "Pink Stuff" incident. Mostly it's just me laughing obnoxiously and Bri making funny faces, with Jess giggling in the corner. My laugh (which is actually a giggle) is so horribly obnoxious.

And here is the video from last Thursday. Don't laugh at the fact that my headband is slowly slipping off my head the whole time. Also I'm really bad at talking to people when I'm on stage so just ignore those parts. I played one other song before these, but my mom couldn't figure out how to use the camera.

On a very random note, I made this garlic rub for some steak we had on Monday. My hands still smell like Garlic, and I can't figure out why. I've washed them at least a billion times since then, but they still smell. I love garlic, but this is getting annoying.

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  1. truths: obviously you were not flat out amazing at your very first open mic night, and i can see why you threw up afterwards 'cause when i sang my song at church i almost had to make Adam talk me into going onstage because I was shaking so bad and felt sick to my stomach every single service.

    That being said: you were quite good. You got through it, and you were not embarrassing in the slightest. you weren't awkward when talking to th audience either, you had this great quirky cute quality which definitely matched your music. no it wasn't perfect, yes it was scary, but you did it and whether you want me to say it or not i AM proud of you. now knowing you can do it, the only place to go from here is up, and you'll just keep getting better. i wish i could be there this Thursday.

    me thinks you guys should record more of your adventures so i can share in them. I loved watching both of them! it made me feel kind of like I was there! my favorite was Jess: "Hey I want some!"