May 26, 2009


I am far too tired to function. Stressfulish day. Strange day. Good day. Boring day. Just plain weird. Currently I am sitting in Coffee Depot waiting for my dad to call after he finishes dealing with much drama.

I had a very busy weekend, and a very busy day, and what looks like its going to be a very busy week. I feel exahusted (which might be partly due to the fact that I've been sleeping horribly). Today we finally got rid of the guy who's on crack (which was actually heroine, methdone, crack, and something else). It took my dad useing some language I've never heard him use before, and telling the head attorney here that it's either us or the crack guy. It's a really sad situation and while I want to be mad and angry and even laugh at the guy, I can't because he is just so sad, and pathetic I can't help put pity him.

It wasn't all bad words and pity today though. It started with me going to The San Bernardino County Recorder's office (which I cannot say oddly enough. I always slur my words when trying to say it), which is behind a Souplantation. Then Bri, Jess and I all headed to the Bankruptcy Court because we had four bk's to file. It takes 20-30 mins to file each, plus they have some new stupid system where you basically have to wait for an hour for each. We got to the court at about 10:30. They left at 12:30 and I got back to the office at one thirty. Ridiculous. Well then, because it sounded good, I made everyone go to Souplantation for lunch. It ended up being just Bri, Jess, and I and there was and "Pink Stuff" incident, and fun, and then the pink stuff turned out to be not so fun. I made a video, but haven't had a chance to upload it.

Anyways. This is kinda a sucky excuse for a post, but oh well. I'm itching to get my hands on a sewing machine and make some new stuff. So hopefully by the end of the week I'll have something to show. Also I'll be playing again this Thursday (I'm 99% sure at least), so come out if you're in the area.

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  1. i miss random adventures with you gals

    pink stuff=it's never good to eat something which can only be identified as 'stuff'