May 6, 2009

We're Kings Among Runaways

Trust me, I don't look like this today, but I think this was last Wednesday, so close enough...

These are the result of my pin curling rampage. I quite like it for the time being. My ultimate goal is to have hair like this (also if you look in the above pictures you'll see that the below is closer to my natural hair colour. My current colour, which I am growing out, keeps magically changing into something quite strangely raspberry coloured):

*Sigh* I love you Chuck.

As far as I'm concerned, I spent yesterday in a coma, and have no memory of anything that happened, and have deleted all record of it. Just FYI.

I've had alot of new readers lately and I'd like to apologize to them for that stupid rant *that didn't actually happen* yesterday. I'm not normally that irritable, but holy Belgium I had a crappy day *that didn't actually happen*.

Also to those new readers (I'm talking to you UCSD, and Murrieta, Colorado Air Force, Person in Australia, and Mom (yes I do have amazingly magical powers of knowing where you're all from, due to the stat tracker at the bottom of this blog)), if you're here, you could comment, then we could be best friends... or mortal enemies. I'm currently running low in the mortal enemy department, so if you're interested, apply within. Friend applications are also being accepted at this time.

Glory I have no idea why I said all that. Ahhh, today is already astronomically better than yesterday *that didn't actually happen*.


  1. i'm your murrieta visitor...don't know why that's where blogger thinks my computer is located, but whatever.

    i missed yesterday's rant which makes me sad, cuz your rants usually make me smile.

    hope things are better for you today. and i still like the raspberry color on you. =D

  2. Yeah, it's a good thing you deleted all that. People are gonna think I sent you to sailor school!