June 4, 2009

The picture is bad, but this is the most beautiful coat ever. It was on sale at Macy's. For $95. I didn't buy it, but by golly I wanted to. The colour is actually much deeper red and the buttons have anchors on them. Seriously loved this coat more than I should. I found it while walking back to my car from taking that H&M dress back. I think I'm going to watch this coat and see if it goes any cheaper. I'd buy it for $30, but not much more than that. And yes I do know I'm cheep.

So Tuesday I went shopping with my mom, who wore a black vintage inspired shift and heeled sandals, Delaney, who was dressed like a 14 year old girl who was interested in fashion (heeled Mary Jane's, leggings, a silver shimmery skirt, t-shirt with tank top over it and a little shrug over that), Fraser, who wears the same thing everyday, and Grace who was in a dress and sandals. We all dress like this everyday. It's not that we got "dressed up" to go shopping, we always do this. Even when at home all of us try to wear something nice, just in case. I mean ya never know who could show up at your door. So anyways, we were walking in Costco, and one of those samplings people started going on about Gracie's red hair, we all smiled, Grace said thank you, and started to walk away. Then the Lady yelled at me (no joke, yelled) "So did you go to a graduation?" I turned, smiled, and replied that no we didn't. She stared at me like I'd just told her four plus four was green. "So why you all dressed like that?" Delaney stared at her like she had just told her six plus six was ice cream. "Cuz we are. We always dress like this." Then we walked away and the lady kept staring. Everywhere we went people made comments or stared after us, and while at first it was amusing, it began to get annoying

Now I get alot of stares. I'm fine with this. It's Riverside, I'm just too cool for this town (I'm half joking of course). But sometimes I don't understand people. They can be so rude about it! I mean I don't stare at people who are dressed up, or dressed down. I make mental notes, and if I feel so inclined, I compliment them. So I don't really understand this idea of going on about people who choose not to go out in sweats to run errands. Frankly I feel better about myself when I put the effort into making myself look nice. It's not because I feel I need to, but because I want to. I've decided that the next time I'm out and someone asks me why I am dressed the way I'm dressed I'm going to say "well are you going to the dump?" and when they answer no, I'm going to say, "then I guess we both don't dress appropriately for what we're doing." That sounds mean I know, but I'm kinda tired of this. People used to go out caring about what they looked like. I mean sure I understand people who need to pop out and are wearing something that isn't nice. It happens, and I surely don't expect anyone who's been working outside in dirt and mud to shower and apply makeup before going to Home Depot, but it seems to me, that if you happen to be wearing a dress and heels and run in to Home Depot, why do people have to stare and make comments? I'm not sure when it was the people stopped caring about how they looked when going out. It's not being vain, it's not being self centered. It's good grooming. Despite what the world wants us all to think we do judge people based on their attire, so why do we present ourselves as frumpy dumpy slobs? I should be able to walk into a grocery store in a nice outfit without being made into a side show freak. I've had to learn to train myself into thinking that they are staring because they think it's cool, but I've received alot of negative comments about the way I dress. Once I was in Stater Bros (a grocery store), and this lady who was probably in her thirties was on the same isle with me and she complimented my outfit and I said thank you and she asked where I was going out. I told her nowhere, and she asked if I dressed like this everyday, and I smiled and said "well I try!" and laughed and she got all snippy with me and went off on how it was rude to go out dressed fancy when other people don't have the time to dress so fancy. I'm sure she was probably just PMSing but I was still annoyed. Yes she could dress "fancy" if she wanted to. If it was important to her, I'm sure she could squeeze the time in. It takes me 45mins to pin curl my hair. It only takes about five to rag curl my hair. It takes two mins. to do my cheaters pin curls, and it take five mins in the morning to put in hot rollers. It's important to me so I get up early, it's important to me, so I've figured out ways to cut corners and still get the same effect. I pick out my outfits the night before so if I do get up late all I have to do it throw on clothes. I don't do this to impress anyone, but because I like the way I look when I do it. I want to present myself to the world as someone who cares about their appearance and how they are presenting themselves. Sure I do it in a different way. I wear more vintage things, do odd combinations, am a little old fashioned, but I don't walk around looking like a clown, or a slob.
Granted I do get alot of wonderful compliments, or have just learned to take certain phrases as compliments, because honestly regardless of whether anyone else likes it I'm just going to continue dressing how I want to. But it's very annoying to have to justify myself to people, just because I wore a pair of heels.

This isn't meant to sound like a rant, just a comment on how strange and sometimes rude people can be because they don't appreciate other's style.
My advice and motto is this: Dress in a way that you like. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, confident, happy, and attractive. Because if you wear things that make you feel like that, you will be. And try to ignore rude and bitter people.
Edit: Oopse... I forgot to say Oney year and 21 days. One year and 21 days.

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  1. Amen to that! Aren't people silly about dressing up? It reminds me of this very old man who used to be the doorman at Harrods in London - he once said that it made him very sad that women used to put on their best dresses to go shopping, but now they come in wearing blue jeans and backpacks. That really impacted me. If only more people cared, wouldn't the world be a lovelier place? :-) Very cute blog!