June 3, 2009


Hat: Thrifted
Coat: Thrifted
Dress: Old Navy Hand me down from my mom
Shoes: Old Navy
Beaming Smile Courtesy of RAIN!
Creepy Guy who couldn't figure out why I was taking a picture of myself from the back of my dad's car courtesy of DCSS(Department of Child Support Services).

It's raining! In June!! In Southern California!!! Not just raining either, full on thunder and lighting storm with big globs of rain!!!! I wore a RAINCOAT!!!!! IN JUNE!!!!!!

Needless to say, I'm pretty happy about this.
I'm sitting in my office with a big wide smile listening to the sounds of thunder cracking and rolling, thinking about how I have no rain appropriate shoes though I have 40 pairs of shoes (and I'm not joking about that) and this must be fixed before I move in one year and 22 days (I wasn't joking about counting down).

This morning I woke up early even though I went to bed late. It was overcast, but not more than normal June Gloom overcast. My pin curls dropped from my head gracefully this morning and brushed out perfectly. My skin was crystal clear, soft, and in no need of makeup at all.
I thought: "Huh, this is weird, good day."
Then I went down stairs and made myself breakfast.
Two minutes into cooking my eggs, I turned around to see rain coming down into the pool.
I squealed.
"Holy Crap! It's raining!" I yelled at Bri, who was putting on makeup.
I walked outside and just stood there feeling the wonderful coolness on my face. I forgot my eggs.
They didn't burn.


And it's Chipotle Wednesday.

Best. Day. Ever.

I had something else very important to blog about, but rain supersedes everything else.
*Le sigh*
(which as we all know is much more amazing than just a boring old *sigh*)
If you need me today, I'll be outside in the rain.
It's pretty wonderful how magical rain is....

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  1. Wow, happy about the rain? You'd like it where I am - we've been having thunderstorms all week.

    Great shoes! Let me know how the dress works out if you decide to sew it. :)