June 2, 2009

Uh, hi. I'm not funny today.

Hair bows: H&M
Shades: Forever21
Dress: ME!
Shoes: Target

I made this dress. It's my own pattern. My mother likes to go on about the length, but I'm choosing to ignore that. It's not perfect, but I'm choosing to ignore that. The fabric (which we think is chintz ) has a bit of a mystery to it. Back two years ago when I decided that I wanted to start sewing for real, I grabbed a bolt of this pink stuff and some yellow sheer stuff intending to make a dress. They were in the garage. This was about the time my mom was working on costumes for a musical so I assumed they'd come from the guy who donated a bunch of bolts of fabric (he had some upholstery business). Needless to say I never made the dress. The bolts of fabric sat in my room for months. When I moved up stairs last summer I finally decided to go ahead and use them. There was only about two yards of fabric left of the pink stuff, so I figured I'd just fold that with my stash, and moved the bolt back out to the garage. So last week or so, my mom was talking about some sewing project I'd concocted and she said "oh that yellow stuff of yours would look really pretty with that." and I responded "what yellow stuff?" and she said "the yellow stuff in the garage on the bolt." and I said "that's yours left over from Honk." and she said, "no I never got that stuff from honk, you brought that home with you along with that pink stuff in your room." And I told her she was crazy because I didn't and had no clue where that stuff came from. Well turns out neither does she. We have no idea where this fabric came from, but it's pretty and looks good as my new dress. I might add some yellow sheer stuff underneath.

Off to go shopping with my mom and convince her to go to the mall so I can return and "what was I thinking" purchase that cost me 40$. It's not that I don't love the purchase, it's just highly impractical (think flapper fringe dress circa 1999 (I blame the fact that I've read nothing but F.Scott Fitzgerald for two months straight)). Every time I go to buy something I ask myself if I want this more than I want Portland, and 9 1/2 times out of ten I but it back. However this thing seemed to escape my logic and I just bought it. I'm just a little sad to take it back because first off it's a friggin flapper dress! and secondly because it fits really well and it's navy blue so it looks really good on me... C'est la vie.
p.s. I'm fairly sure that for the next year and 23 days I'm going to be posting a countdown like this. 1 year 23 days.

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  1. "Every time I go to buy something I ask myself if I want this more than I want Portland, and 9 1/2 times out of ten I but it back"

    story of my life. except replace portland with studying aborad in Englad, and moving to New York one day.