July 27, 2009

Dirt and Polkadots.

'50's Polka Dot dress- Vintage Sanctuary in Oceanside, Shoes- Target
I am in love with this dress. I think I cried a little when I tried it on. It's handmade and the neckline is just beautiful (and I just realized I didn't take any pictures of it. It's scalloped by the way). I also realized that every dress I have ever bought from this store has been blue with white polkadots. I also got something else that I have talked about getting forever and will show you tomorrow. Bri found it for me and even had to admit that it was pretty cute. I am very excited to pair it with all the things that have been swimming around my head.
Saturday a couple of bro's rented the house next to us and were up all hours of the night drinking, playing "band" with kitchen items, and feeding their blowup doll beer. I had a really weird case of alleries come over me so I was up half the night because I couldn't breathe and the other half because the boys in the "man cave" were making "man howls" at 4am. I ended up getting about two hours of sleep and we had to be out of the house by ten (our land lady was kinda of insane) and my allergies wanted me dead. I was miserable all day Sunday. We got home around seven and I went to bed intending to take a short nap and hopefully sleep off my sinus problem. I woke up at what I thought was 10:15 pm, but was really 2:45 am. I woke up and was not tired. So I laid in bed until around sevenish going in and out of sleep having a strange dream about The Decemberists and my mom and I and Costco, and backstage passes, and people I used to work with, and local mega churches, and something about me trying to go to Paris with an expired passport. It was really weird.
So um as you can see, there was no Monday Inspiration and this is because I never got around to preparing for one, so um, sorry! But I promise exciting things tomorrow!

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