July 28, 2009

Tur-band from Orange Parks*

Today was hot. I mean ridiculously, horribly, hello-welcome-to-hell-I'll-be-your-tour-guide, hot. So Hot! So like a genius I decided this was the day for me to get pictures for my etsy shop done. Outside. Yes I have applied for the Nobel Prize. Anyways I forced Delaney to be my model and we packed up the car with all the stuff I've been hoarding and a couple pairs of shoes, and we went off in search of a good place to take photos. We ended up at the Historic Citrus Park. Despite my hatred of Riverside, I have to say we do have some really wonderful parks. The Citrus Park has been around since I was about six or seven and I have lots of very fond memories of this place. In the summer evenings they do (or did. I'm not sure if this goes on anymore) a concert series, with live music of all different genres. There's an amphitheatre that I once had a rollerblading dual with this boy I knew (I won. You don't mess with me on roller blades), nature trails, a really lovely garden, and of course a couple miles of orange trees. They even play endless music all day that drifts through the park. When we got there it was a lovely selection of 40's and 50's standards sung by the greats. However it soon took a turn for the worse and started some weird electronica stuff. I'm all for electronica, but this stuff was just bad. Then they played a ton of Michael Jackson, and Billy Joel. It was a very odd combo. The buildings are all done in California Craftsman style and are actually quite beautiful. Until I was about 13 I wanted to get married there! So Dee and I parked near the bathrooms and took photos, and did silly things, and laughed at the people who laughed at us, and rolled in the grass, and jumped in the air, and spun in circles. Despite the horrible heat, it was alot of fun. After we were there (for two and a half hours in the dead heat of the day) we went to the Plaza and rewarded ourselves with Frozen Yogurt and a meander through Borders. Our local Borders has been busy rearranging the store and it's got me quite irked. Don't get me started on the now limited music supply.
As you can see on my head I wore a turban. A pink turban. A pink vintage turban. Frankly I don't know why these things ever went out of style. I'm now looking forward to all my bad hair days. Plus this one is super light weight and comfy. I highly recommend getting one. This one cost me $5 at Vintage Sanctuary in Oceanside. I've been talking about bringing turbans back forever and now I finally can. One item checked off my list of life goals. Oh and my etsy update will probably be Friday. I still have a few detail photos to finish.
Have a wonderful Tuesday and keep cool! Unless it's freezing where you are. In that case keep warm.

Dress- Target, Vest- found in my garage,
Turban- Vintage Sanctuary Oceanside, Ca,
Necklace- made by me,
Bag- Vintage Dooney and Bourke,
*No I did not get banned from this park.
But Bri and I were discussing that it is amazing to us both that I've not been banned from anywhere yet.

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  1. you must take me to this vintage sanctuary! i've never heard of it!

    i started bloggin again...five weeks away was enough [=