July 15, 2009

Summer Magic

Yesterday I decided to make myself some pajamas. I got a pattern out, decided what I wanted to alter on it, then began the search for fabric. Last summer/fall I bought this really beautiful yellow stripped stuff. I'm not sure what kind of fabric it is, but I love it. It's tad sheer and very flowly and yellow, so basically it makes my heart sing. Well I bought what they had left in the store, which was about 2 1/4 yards I think, so I've been debating what to do with it. Well long story short I made it into my pajamas (I have to sew them up tonight and will show you all tomorrow). Since yellow has been the theme of my week I laughed and began to think about all the other yellow things that I love. Yellow shoes, yellow flowers, yellow coats, yellow houses, yellow dresses.... and I stopped and put in the movie Summer Magic . Summer magic has to do with not only a yellow dress, but a yellow house. It also happens to be one of my essential summer movies. I have a list of movies that are just summery that I watch every year and this is one of them. Summer Magic is an old Disney musical starring Hayley Mills, Deborah Walley, Burl Ives, and Dorothy McGuire. The story revolves around the Carey family who's father has recently died leaving them in financial ruin during the time of Rag. Nancy Carey, Hayley Mills, takes it upon herself as the family optimist to find out if her family can rent the Yellow House in Buella Maine that they saw when she was a child. In the course of the movie they meet Burl Ives, who is in charge of everything in town and has a knack for seeing silver linings to match even Nancy's ability, and are visited by their cousin Julia (Deborah Walley of Gidget Goes Hawaiian fame), who thinks of herself and quite the "pink of perfection." The music is a wonderful combination of ragtime rhythms and Disney-style show tunes, with catchy and fun lyrics. I've always identified with Nancy (what this movie and you will know my personality), who refuses to be brought down by the events that unfold around her. And the movie is just stinking fun! It's one of those movies you watch, and smile the whole time. There's a charming little love story (several actually), fun characters, and silly situations that just put you in a good mood. The costumes are a wonderful mix, of 60's and 1910's, bright and colourful and downright gorgeous! And the Yellow Dress! I've always wanted to make the same dress for myself someday. Anyways I watched the whole movie while I cut out my pattern and decided to show you all some stills. I highly recommend renting it/netflixing it before summer's end. It's really enjoyable!

The yellow dress!!!!

It's hard to tell in this photo (and I have no idea why they are aligned all funky), but the fabric under the lace is a burnt orange. I love it!
If you do happen to watch the movie let me know what you thought. I really think you'll enjoy it!


  1. That movie looks so cute! Big big hair!

  2. i wanna borrow it! her clothes look so cute!

    i will steal that yellow dress today!