July 29, 2009

Pose Face

So Bri and Jess have been teasing me lately about my "pose face." They say that whenever I go to take a picture of myself, I use a certain pose with my face. I keep telling them that they are crazy. So today when we were at Chipotle I was looking off into the distance and Bri yelled "That's it! That's your pose face!" I told her she was crazy and that I don't have a pose face.
Meet my Pose Face.
Bri thinks this stems from a desire to look romantic.
The worst part is I do this even when I'm not posing for pictures.
I have two and a half more of these pages filled with these things. and there are more pictures on my mom's computer and Michael's work computer....


  1. haha! yes my hair has a rather obnoxious propensity to hold a curl well.

  2. That's a really cute collage! I do it, too (my husband calls it my "Zoolander pose") - if I don't, I have a tendency to absent-mindedly pull very unflattering dorky faces. Thank goodness for the power of the digital camera "re-take"!