August 24, 2009


Today is my 22nd Birthday!
I am not a birthday person, and I do not like my birthday, but this one has been exceptionally good!

My dad has to work sort of late tonight and it's a Monday and all that rot so we celebrated yesterday. Tonight we're going to have a small dinner/cake thing and Charissa may come over to make flowers for Bri's wedding. Knowing that today would not allow for much celebration, I had come up with a semi-silly plan for my birthday celebration and not only did my parents love the idea they planned the whole day without me having to lift a finger. So thanks mom and dad! And let me tell you it was a really lovely day.

When people ask me what to do when they come to Southern California I tell them to do four things. The first is to find the nearest In-n-Out. You will never eat a better burger. The second is to go to Disneyland and embrace your inner child. The third is to drive up the 101 and look west (east isn't all the beautiful to look at usually). And the fourth is that when you are driving up the 101 drive to Solvang.

Solvang California is in Santa Barbara (and is a good three hour drive from Riverside) and is a Scandinavian Village. Part of my heritage is Norwegian and so it is alot of fun to go up there and be surrounded by a bit of my cultural history. But as I said it is pretty far away, so I suggested we go up there Saturday night and then spent Sunday afternoon in the town, but instead my dad decided we would drive up Sunday morning and drive home that night after we stopped at Pea Soup Andersen's for dinner. This place has amazing split pea soup, which is really good since the whole place is themed after split pea soup. It was delicious and marvelous and wonderful and just a really good day! We had Ableskiver's with our brunch (you must try them if you are ever in Solvang) and walked and shopped in book shops that were actually magical, and found a random vintage shop with an amazing 1930's dress that I wanted but had sold, and we found a thrift store with the cheapest prices ever, and we found a fabric mall that charged 99 cents a yard!!!! I could go on and on talking about how much I love this place but I will let my pictures do the talking. I also got a really AMAZING gift from my parents, which I shall show you tomorrow along with all the other things I got. But until then have a lovely Monday!

Ableskiver's, Family photo, cocktails with breakfast and weird adds

Everything in my outfit is from Target except the skirt and bag which are vintage, and the headband which is from F21
This lady looked into the window behind our seat at the restaurant and I took a picture
Also how great is Dick's Deli?
Hans Christian Andersen has my pose face!

Bookstores, old things, and shoes make me happy.

No dolphines were harmed in the taking of these photos.

So pretty! They even had a picture of the original owner!


Pea Soup Andersen's


  1. Happy birthday!! Love the 1939 photo/dress!

  2. i was suppose to be in Solvang on Sunday but Jim's fishing trip got cancelled.

    what a great way to celebrate your birthday!

  3. Reilly- Thank you! I know that dress was amazing!

    Jill- Too bad that would have been hilarious to run into you there!