August 3, 2009

Monday Inspiration # 17: Falling for Fall

I am definitely a fall/winter girl. I've had enough of summer. Bring on the coats, apple cider, cinnamon air, and books by fireplaces. I can't wait for autumn colours!
Proper post tomorrow. With news about the update that didn't happen because I was far too busy enjoying my weekend. I made a dress. I'll show you tomorrow. I have over 100 letters to find addresses for. Have a lovely day.


  1. I'm definitely made for the colder months as well, I can't wait to wear tights again!

    And I can't wait to see what you made! :)

  2. Beautiful inspirations! I can't stop thinking about fall. I know it's awful, because it won't be cool here until mid-October at the earliest. But I miss tights and woolly skirts!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the dress you made!

  3. Thank you! Unfortunately the flea market isn't permanent, the sellers come from all over the US!

  4. ugh i know what you mean
    i am so sick of summer, i miss warm colours, jackets & boots