September 29, 2009

Style Definition

I hate the question. Y'know the one I mean. "How would you describe your style?" I hate it.
But sometimes it's an important question to ask yourself. If someone came up to you and said "the world will end in three minutes if you don't accurately describe your style" what would you reply. In my case the world would probably end. I have a really hard time with this question. Part of the problem is that I don't really dress the way I want to. Don't get me wrong I love alot of my clothes, but not all of them. Part of the problem is that I'm not where I want to be with my weight loss (note to weight loss: if you would like to come off quicker I give you full permission. thanks), and also the kind of clothes I like are either not easily available here or are highly impractical (I'm looking at you weather). The other problem is that I love alot of different styles. I mean I really do love alot. I love seeing those girls who are incredibly authentically 40's or 50's or 60's, or, modern flapper, or depression era glamour, or hippie/bohemian carefree, or feminine trendy, or just out there bonkers. I love it all. I want to wear it all. But that just looks like a jumbled mess. So I started going through pictures I've taken of myself and inspiration photos I've saved. I went through and found the links between them. What did they have in common? What was the best descriptive word for my favourite elements? So I went through found them all and suddenly I knew what MY style was. I knew why my closet looked like a jumble sometimes. I knew what things made me happy in an outfit. And thus this look was born:

Vest- ?, Shirt- Thrifted, Skirt- Thrifted,
Tights- Target, Shoes- Ancestor Vintage

Guys my style is Virginia Woolf, meets an Irish School Girl, meets Audrey Hepburn, meets Audrey Tatou, meets A Lumberjack. And I kinda like it. Of course when you finally have a definition suddenly your wardrobe comes alive. I'm excited for future shopping trips now.

Oh and don't ever google Irish school girl. You'll thank me.
How do you define your style? What clothing elements make you happiest?


  1. Cute! I think mine is pretty obvious. I'm all about the 30s-50s, but essentially I am all about flattering clothing choices and feminine touches.

  2. You are so cute! I know what you mean - I am constantly shifting my style inspirations depending on the seasons, my mood, current historical interest, etc. But I've realised that no matter what period I fixate upon for any amount of time, there is always an undercurrent of Victoriana/Edwardiana going on. I think because I relate to the Victorian aesthetic - I'm eternally pale, I refuse to cut my hair, and I happen to like frills and buttons. This makes me happy. :)

  3. I totally agree. I have no idea how to describe my style. And even worse is when people ask me to describe my photography. I have a ridiculous, vague stock answer that's probably completely meaningless.

    Anyway, lovely outfit. I like your description :)

  4. we bought jess' dress last night...we both thought of you. it def has a 40's feel to it and she chose a funky "birdcage" veil with a quirky flowerpiece.

    you'll "get" it....not so sure about some of our other friends.