October 1, 2009

Buy some cookies and we can go back to my place.

Baret- Magpie Vintage Portland, Or., Earrings-World Market
Dress- Local Cheapster Boutique, Socks- Target, Shoes- Target.

Yesterday after I left for work I realized I looked like a naughty Girl Scout. All day I was sure some slime ball was gonna ask me to show him my goods in the back room....

I got nearly no sleep last night due to Grace's sudden breakdown over the loss of Bri. She keeps crying for Bri to come back and live with us forever, and now has began begging me not to ever move. She's also incredibly clingy and slept with me last night. Well she laid in my bed an occasionally slept, but mostly cried and threw her arms around my neck threatening to move with me... The poor girl just doesn't understand this all.

Oh! Yesterday Jess and I were at the Bankruptcy Court and we got evacuated because they decided to do a fire/emergency/bomb drill in the middle of the day. It was annoying and I was even more annoyed when I found out it was just a drill. If you're going to empty out a very busy government building, at least have the decency to have a real emergency.

I think fall my actually be coming. It has been much cooler the last couple of days (even though today it was a very windy 90). The wind has picked up, which means it's almost time for Second Santa Ana Winds Season. See in California the seasons go like this: Storm Watch Season, First Santa Ana Winds Season, Fire Season, and Second Santa Ana Wind Season. By December we should be up to Storm Watch Season.

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  1. slip on a pair of tights and you've solved the naughty girl scout problem...